Friday, June 9, 2023

Wide Waist With ‘Normal Weight’ Bigger Risk Than Obesity

People of "normal" weight who sport a wide waist are more at risk of heart problems than obese people, said researchers Friday, urging a...
3 new science-backed

3 New Science-Backed Ways To Lose More Weight

Believe it or not, there are ways to melt fat that have nothing to do with exercise. Whether you're trying to cut a significant...
Healthy Obesity

Study Casts Doubt On ‘Healthy Obesity’

Women who are overweight or obese but otherwise healthy are still at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, a large study suggests. The analysis tracked...

Nutrition And Health To Boost Your Fertility

Many of us have friends who only have to look at each other before declaring they are going to have a baby. For some...

Battling With A Stiff Neck? Six Quick Fixes To Reduce Tension

Neck pain can creep up and ruin your day at the worst possible moment. It starts small but can grow to restrict the entire...

Guaranteed Ways To Lose Your Pesky Belly Fat

We all look at our wobbly tummies and wish they would shrink! It’s even worse after a heavy weekend, a sugar rush, or carb-heavy...
ice cream

What Happens To Your Body When You Binge On Sugar

As mouth-watering as a sugar-laden sundae or icing-topped cupcake is, we should all know by now that sugar isn’t exactly healthy. In fact, it...
Junk Food

Quitting Junk Food Causes Withdrawals Like Drug Addiction

We all have some guilty-pleasure junk foods: French fries, pizza, sweets. Sometimes, it can be hard to cut these unhealthy treats from our diets,...

Even With One Cigarette A Day, Odds Of Early Death Are Higher

Smokers who go through much less than a pack of cigarettes a day still have a higher risk of an early death than non-smokers,...