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Stay Fit In 2016

3 Easy Ways You Can Stay Fit In 2016

New year, new you! Loads of people set themselves a new year’s resolution to get fitter and be more active. Normally, it gets to...
38 popular diets

38 Popular Diets Ranked From Best To Worst

Happy New Year’s resolution time! Are you looking to change up the way you eat? Well, you’re not without choices, that’s for sure. With so...
Dealing with indigestion during

Dealing With Indigestion During The Holidays

During the holiday season, my clients are always complaining about bloating, gas and indigestion as well as heart burn, and they can’t seem to...
The Big Dos And Don'ts Of Dieting To Stay Healthy

The Big Dos And Don’ts Of Dieting To Stay Healthy

We all think about dieting to stay healthy. But there are so many different pieces of advice out there about how to do it,...
Probiotics labelled

Probiotics Labelled ‘Quite Useless’

A group of scientists in Israel claim foods that are packed with good bacteria - called probiotics - are almost useless. Their study is among...
Naturally Foods

8 Foods That Naturally Help Lower Your Blood Pressure

The research is in: One in every three adult Americans has high blood pressure and only about 50 percent of those people have it...

Keeping your man healthy

Keeping your man healthy is an important and difficult job as man is not interested in going for doctors and having medicine, this makes...

Position Yourself to Succeed When Taking Up Yoga

Yoga is all the rage these days, generating new interest and practitioners on a daily basis. If you’ve been curious about initiating a habit...

6 Sneaky Ingredients That Are Really Just Added Sugar

Trying to cut back on added sugar? It may require a little more sleuthing than you think. That's because the sweet stuff is hiding...

How Eating Burgers Over Salads Can Help You Lose Weight

Burgers are bad, right? Nope. The dish could actually be a better choice than a so-called superfood salad if you’re trying to trim down. Healthy...