Friday, September 22, 2023
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Encourage Swimming

5 Typical Reasons to Encourage Swimming

Taking swimming lessons is...
Fruit During Pregnancy

Can Eating This Fruit During Pregnancy Speed Up Labor?

Women would do just about anything to have a shorter labor, amiright? And while there are many tricks out there to accelerate the process,...

Exactly How Healthy Is Brown Rice?

Brown rice is a versatile, nutty-flavored whole grain that’s likely tucked away in your kitchen pantry. It’s easy to cook and makes a...
Dark Chocolate

Why Scarlett Johansson’s Trainer Says Dark Chocolate Is The Perfect Pre-Workout Snack

One of the worst things you can feel before a workout is hungry. You're stuck with an impossible choice: whether to suck...

Use Honey First For A Cough, New Guidelines Say

Honey and over-the-counter medicines should be the first line of treatment for most people with coughs, new guidelines recommend. Antibiotics should rarely be prescribed by...

Give Your Bones A Workout, Public Told

Too many of us are neglecting to do exercises for strong muscles and bones, says Public Health England (PHE). It's launched a new report...
Positive Body

Positive Body Image is the Key to Enriching Your Life

We all judge the way we look based on the perceptions we get from the media. And this isn’t always a good thing. The...

The Best Supplements for Improved Mental Performance

There are supplements for just about everything that you can think of, from balancing your hormones, to boosting your immune system and even improving...

How To Shift Those Stubborn Pounds

Whether you have been dieting for a while or have recently started a new weight loss regime, sometimes it can be hard to shift...

Walnuts Found To Make The Gut A Healthier Place

Studies show that it's a must to add tree nuts to your diet if you haven’t already. Considered a “superfood,” they're chock-full of fiber,...