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Determination for losing weight in 2012, Experts opinion

0 soonlosing weight in 2012 Losing weight is one of the most important and common issues in our lives and determination for losing weight in...
The Butter

Read This Before You Reach For The Butter

According to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, swapping out saturated fats (found in butter, full-fat milk, cheese,...

8 Things That’ll Improve Your Workout

Your workout might be getting a little stale and repetitive if you haven’t changed things around for a while. If that’s the case, you...

How Many Pairs of Running Shoes Do You Need to Own?

Frequent and experienced runners have adapted a healthier way of life by being careful with the kind of food that they eat. Some of...

This Is the Healthiest Pasta Sauce You Can Buy

Turn that plate of pasta into a healthier meal with the addition of this heart-healthy, antioxidant-rich sauce from your local supermarket. In a carb-eschewing world,...
Fast Food

‘Fast Casual’ Restaurant Dishes Have More Calories Than Fast Food

Main courses served at fast-casual restaurants tend to be higher-calorie than traditional fast-food entrees, despite public perception that the offerings at these outlets are...
Back Pain

Heavy Lifting By Young Workers Linked To Low Back Pain in Midlife

Young adults with jobs that involve heavy lifting and forceful movements might be at higher risk for back pain later in life, a study...

Do You Really Need To Drink 8 Glasses Of Water Every Day?

There’s a lot of disagreement within the nutrition sphere, but there is one health claim that seems to withstand the test of time—the...
10 Surprising Foods that List Sugar

10 Surprising Foods That List Sugar As The First Ingredient

If you've been reading evil-food listicles for as long as we've been writing them, you know all about the sneaky sugars in processed foods like...

Vitamin D May Help Rebuild Muscle After Menopause

Consuming vitamin D may help reverse muscle mass loss in postmenopausal women, researchers at the Botucatu Medical School at Sao Paulo State University in...