How to Use High-Frequency Training For Hypertrophy?

High-Frequency Training For Hypertrophy

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Working out is a basic human necessity that helps you stay fit and also helps you improve your quality of life. However, fitness doesn’t mean you need to stay healthy only, it can be an ambitious task that can help you work harder. Most people start their workout journey while aiming for weight loss. Others focus on muscle gain so they can appear broader and look better. There is no doubt that most men want to have broader shoulders with a tight core and well-defined chest. You need to keep in mind that a simple and consistent workout will help you go a long way. Your commitment and dedication towards your fitness routine will help you progress every day and this will eventually improve your health and lead you towards your desired goal.

When it comes to muscle gaining techniques, most people think of hefty workouts that will keep them engaged throughout. They also think about the weight that they will be lifting. A simple technique of muscle building is to help your body replace the current muscle cells with healthy and stronger muscle cells. This process is easier but requires a lot of work. Most people get into the reps and frequency debate, others things about adjusting the daily workout frequency. Before starting your workout you need to understand why high frequency-based training is important.

With the help of this article, we will talk about hypertrophy and why it is linked with the workout. We will also talk about high-frequency training and why it is very important. For understanding the link we will help the beginner to know why high-frequency training is preferred by most people.

What Is Muscular Hypertrophy?

Muscular hypertrophy is a process that helps in improving the quality of muscle along with its growth and increase in size. As you start working out, your body has to go through a change. Since every movement requires you to move your muscles, a heavy workout will break your muscle fibers. As a result, these weaker and damaged muscle fibers will be replaced by healthy and more powerful muscle fibers. With the help of increasing hypertrophy, you will be able to get toned muscles that are defined and powerful as well.

To understand the process of increasing hypertrophy, you need to start by knowing in detail about the muscle anatomy. There are two different types of muscular hypertrophy. You will have myofibrillar which is the growth that takes place as a result of muscle contraction parts. Similarly, there is sarcoplasmic muscular hypertrophy that takes place when your muscle starts to store more glycogen and as a result, it improves in size and quality.

You need to know how you can trigger each kind of muscular hypertrophy and how this will benefit you. You need to start by setting your fitness goals and then look at the training that will help you target each type of muscular hypertrophy. If we look at myofibrillar muscular hypertrophy, it will help you improve the overall strength and speed of the muscle. On the contrary, if you work on Sarcoplasmic muscular hypertrophy this will help in improving the strength and endurance of each event.

Within your training, you will have so many different techniques to trigger each type of muscular hypertrophy. As your train, you will be able to change the reps by decreasing weight or decreasing the reps by increasing the weight. Each kind of workout will change the growth of your muscles if you increase weight, you will get better results in case of size. However, this will not improve your endurance. A lightweight workout with a high number of reps will improve efficiency. With the increase in reps, you will be able to improve the muscle definition as well.

What Is High-Frequency Training?

Most people, when joining a gym to increase their muscle mass, usually end up with a fixed workout. However, the workout is only suitable if it is adjustable. Most of the workout plans have the same exercises with different reps and frequencies to increase or decrease the intensity of the workout. As a beginner, most people do not understand the science behind fitness, frequency training, and increase in muscle mass. As everything around you evolves to become better, it is only fair that you work harder and let your technique and exercises evolve so you can work better and see yourself grow and improve.

So far, most people agree that high-frequency training is very important. You need to start by opting for the traditional method of training split. This includes low frequency and high volume workouts so that you will get good enough results within just one week. Your goal will be to increase the number of reps and work on each set. Muscle building doesn’t mean that you can only focus on increasing the set for improving muscle gain. You also need to focus on the frequency. Technically high-frequency workout is the use of the same muscles over and over till you get the desired results. The deciding factor here is the muscle protein system which is commonly known as MPS. The use of the same muscle over and over triggers a reaction that damages the older and weaker muscle fiber. Eventually, the body gains protein and replaces the older muscle fiber with new and healthy fiber.

For the first few weeks, the body protein is only used for healing purposes. However, after a few weeks, when everything is healed, the protein triggers the hypertrophy that is commonly known as the increase in the girth of the muscle. Now that your body knows that it has healed everything, it will then use the same protein and make the muscle thicker and stronger.

Why Do You Keep Working On The Same Muscle In High-Frequency Training?

Most beginners keep asking why they have to work on the same muscles when it is already growing and they have seen significant results. You need to keep in mind that you have to work fewer sets and you need to increase the frequency of the reps. This is mainly because it struggles with the MPS and this will help you improve your workout to the same point even after you reduce the volume of the exercise. No matter if you reduce sets or volume, you have to maintain the overall intensity and impression of the workout. The level of MPS stays high for the next 12 hours to 68 hours depending on your level of fitness.

As you get into the high-frequency training plan, you will be using these high MPS times and making the most out of them. Your goal will be to set your workout in a way that will help you work on your muscles by increasing the sets. As the MPS level increases in 8 sets, you need to continue your workout so you can improve. However, you also need to keep in mind that you have to adjust your workout rather than following a blind lead. When you work more on the reps and less on the sets, you will be able to retain more energy and you will be working on the energy level by mastering the technique and movement.

Why Scheduling And Changing The Workout Is Important?

Most people keep mentioning that you need to take special care of your workout because every workout is not suitable for everyone. We have seen most people starting with a simple workout and then they become beefy over time. Finding the right balance, tracking your progress, and then changing your workout routine is very important. For this, you need to find the balance so you do not end up working too much. Just like using the same workout again and again, most people stick to the same workout and eventually they end up overtraining. The worst disadvantage of over-training is injury. You might have seen people getting injured over time because they work on some muscle without scheduling anything. Try to get a workout schedule based on your measurable goal from your trainer. As you go along, you can change this schedule according to the progress.

Take Away

To sum it all up, there is no hard and fast rule. You need to choose a workout that fully complements your goal. For this make sure you have an attainable realistic and measurable goal. For achieving muscular hypertrophy you need to work in the gym with a lot of weight. Your goal should be to break down your workout and then challenge yourself by pushing your limits. This will help you grow after and better. Apart from the workout, the diet that you take also plays a very important role. Most people keep working out without understanding that the more they workout, the more calories they burn, eventually, they will reach a point where they will no longer be able to burn enough calories and their body will churn muscles. A good high protein diet will help them gain muscle by converting all the surplus calories into muscle. Most people rely on protein shakes only, however, a good well-balanced diet is also necessary. While setting an aim for a workout, seek professional guidance so you can arrange your workout and then easily work out to meet your goals.