How to Get Broad Muscular Shoulders for Aesthetic, Beauty, and Power?

Broad Muscular Shoulders

As a man, broad shoulders are the most desirable feature. This is mainly because broad shoulders offer you to have a better frame that supports the wide posture and physique that is considered ideal for men globally. There is an ongoing trend of men working out to get Dorito bodies. Within the Dorito body, you need to have broad shoulders with a tight core, muscular chest, and beefy arms. Apart from this, your waist should be tiny with toned love handles so you do not look like you are out of shape. Most people think that this is a triangle-shaped body but if you look closely you will see square-shaped shoulders with minimum fat content. Even the strongest and most desirable men are characterized by these features.

Most people think that broad shoulders are genetic. You either have a broad shoulder or you don’t, there is no way you can change the structure of your shoulders or make them wider. This is true, however, there are a few ways that can make your shoulders look broader. One of the most significant methods of making your shoulders appear broader is to get muscle mass. There is no doubt that you cannot change bone structure, however, you can add muscle mass to your bones and this will make it appear broader. Another important thing is to change your posture and work on your forum. People who are broader from childhood develop the habit of sitting cross-legged and slouching so they can appear shorter. However, this also makes them look timid and confused. For the boost of confidence, body language plays a very important role and you need to work on your body language as well.

With the help of this article, we will mainly highlight some of the best exercises that you should add to your workout so you can make your shoulder appear broader. We will also list down a few tips that can give others an illusion that you are much more taller and broader than you are.

Is It Possible To Make Your Shoulder Border?

Shoulder width can be changed, however, there is a limitation to it. You cannot change the bone structure or the thickness of the bone in general, however, you can change the mass which will automatically make your shoulders look bigger. The bone structure is related to your family genetics and overall life history. It has been noticed that sometimes even if your family doesn’t have the same traits, you might end up acquiring different traits just because of different diets and different lifestyles. Your collarbone width and your overall shoulder width will not be altered no matter how many different exercises you try. However, you will be able to improve the width only by adding muscle fibers.

Most people start with extreme training that can help them gain muscle. However, they do not choose the right diet to complement their workout. Eventually, they notice that due to hefty exercises they are losing muscle fiber because the body is churning the muscle fiber to extract energy. With the right exercises, lifestyle, and right diet, you can easily improve the width and aesthetic of your shoulders.

Apart from adding muscle to your bone, you also need to complement your muscle with a good posture. Since muscle will make you look chunky, if you keep slouching, you will notice that your body will look shorter. However, if you open up your muscles, it will improve the overall look and you will look broader and taller.

There are various methods of building muscles. You can use a cardio-based workout, yoga or you can lift the weight. Most people think lifting weight is all about external weight lifting. However, you can also lift body weight. For lifting body weight, you need to concentrate your overall body weight on one muscle so that it can develop over time. For shoulders, you need to make sure you cover it from all dies. You have to work from the front, back as well as sides so it retains a better shape.

Your workout focus needs to be on delts. Shoulders consist of three main muscle groups. This includes the front part of the shoulders which is also known as anterior deltoid. Then comes the middle part which is known as medial delts and finally the back of the shoulder also known as the posterior deltoid.

Best Workouts to Help You Build Your Shoulder Muscles From All Sides

Since the goal is to improve the shape of your muscles as well as make them defined and broad, you need to work on all three types of muscle fibers present in your shoulders, missing even a single type of muscle will have an impact. You might even think that your muscles are not proportionate. This is the reason selecting a good workout is very imperative.

Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Perfect for Lateral deltoids, this workout will help you sculpture your shoulder muscles and make them look broad. You have to handle the dumbbells in both hands and then stretch your arms at a 90-degree angle. Now bring your arms towards your torso and then spread them apart on the other side. This will be the same as flying.

Overhead Shoulder Press

This workout will help you work on your Pectoral delts. For this workout, you need to handle dumbbells in both hands and then make a 90-degree angle with your head. Both hands will be just a few inches above your head as you will curve your elbow. Now, move your arms up and down like you are trying to lift something. This will be very good for sculpting and defining the muscles.

Push Up Plank

This workout is very simple and you do not need any weight as well. This will help you target serratus anterior and upper back muscles. You have to get into plank position but rather than keeping your hands at arms distance try to keep them a little close. You need to hold your weight on your palms rather than on your elbows. Hold it for a few seconds and then spread your arms to go down again.

Face Pulls

Simple and easy, this workout will help you work on your upper shoulders. Most people get rowing cables, others get machines as well. However, if you have a resistance band you can use that as well. You just need to tuck your resistance band somewhere so it gets secure. Now, hold the other side, pull it towards your body, and then let go. It should be at the height of your face so you can pull it easily.

Cable Chop

This is another very effective workout that will help you improve the grip as well as strength of your shoulders. For this workout, you need to use either a cable workout machine or you can use skipping rope. Just tuck the rope somewhere and make sure it is secure. You can then hold both ends in each hand and move it in the form of a wave. Make sure to keep both waves alternative so both cables are not moving in the same direction.

Tips to Look Broader

Although most people agree that you cannot change the width of your shoulder, however, you can still create an illusion of broader shoulders. Some of the ways you can make your shoulder appear broader include:

  • Keep your shoulders open and your back straight
  • Try to stretch your neck so it can look elongated
  • Stretch every day, yoga and meditation are also a good option
  • Try to build a straight posture even while sitting
  • Use back care and additional support to improve your sitting posture
  • Stand in front of a wall with your back against the wall and try to press your shoulders against the wall as well. This will help you improve your posture

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, your bone structure plays a very important role in helping you look, border. However, if you do not use your broader shoulders the right way and train your body accordingly, you will soon notice that you look chunky and your legs appear to be shorter which will instantly make you look smaller. Your goal is to understand your body posture and your BMI first so you can know if getting a border shoulder will make you look good or not. Another very important thing is to work on your posture. The right sitting posture and adopting the right body language will instantly make you look better. When selecting your workout, start a simple beginner’s workout rather than selecting something that will only be good for a professional. Then track your progress over time and make changes. Taking help from a professional will help you improve your progress and take a safer journey. It will also help you get faster results. There is no hard and fast rule about the weight so, you can change the workout according to your need or availability of the equipment.