Friday, September 22, 2023
Chances Of Heart Attack

Six Things That Could Be Majorly Increasing Your Chances Of Heart Attack

We all know about the risks to our heart nowadays. Sustained campaigns keep us aware of heart disease and we undoubtedly have some members...

More Kids Are Getting Ear Surgery To Avoid Being Bullied

A 6-year-old boy in Salt Lake City, Utah, recently had plastic surgery to make his ears stick out less, and parents everywhere weighed in...
Human Papilloma Virus

Cervical Cancer: Australia ‘To Be First To Eliminate Disease’

Australia will become the first country to effectively eliminate cervical cancer if vaccination and screening rates are maintained, researchers say. The disease could be eradicated...
Brain circuit linked

Brain Circuit Linked To Depression Found in Rats

The brain circuits responsible for the inability to feel pleasure have now been discovered in rats, a finding that could help researchers better understand...
Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks: What You Should Know

What is a panic attack? A panic attack is an intense period of physical and mental fear. An attack may occur in reaction to an...

The Medical Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

It can be agreed amongst many of us that our health is of the utmost importance to us. If not just for ourselves but...
Breast Cancers

Drug That Prevents Half Of Breast Cancers Carries On Working

A drug that halves a woman's risk of breast cancer continues to work long after they stop taking it, say researchers. Anastrozole blocks the production...
Teenage weight tied

Teenage Weight Tied To Odds Of Diabetes-Related Death Decades Later

The increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and eventually dying from the disease, begins early in life and at weights in the "normal"...

Cholesterol-Lowering Jab To Help Prevent Heart Disease

Human trials of a cholesterol-lowering vaccine to help prevent heart disease are under way after successful studies in mice. Researchers at the Medical University of...

Tobacco Companies Targeted Military, People With Mental Health Conditions

Tobacco companies have targeted those with mental health conditions and people in the military, according to a new Truth campaign. We’ve all seen commercials on...