Common Symptoms Of Cancer You Should Not Ignore

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Although certain symptoms are usually linked to cancer, they may be due to non-threatening tumors, injury, illness, or other health issues. However, if these symptoms fail to improve after a few weeks, consider visiting a doctor for diagnosis and treatment immediately. Nowadays, advances in the medical field have made it possible for people to get cancer treatment and live longer due to improved screenings. The following are common cancer signs that you should not ignore.

Unexplained Weight Loss

This is one of the cancer symptoms you should not ignore. However, you should note that noticing a certain thing doesn’t necessarily mean that you have cancer. Consider seeing a doctor if you lose weight for no reason. Although a loss of ten pounds or more may not be something to stress you, it can be a sign of cancer in rare cases.

Unusual Lump Or Swelling 

Persistent swelling or lumps in any body part, including stomach, testicle, breast, chest, neck, or armpit, should be taken seriously. If you note any, consider visiting a cancer center Newport Beach-based.


Working for a long time or even playing usually causes fatigue. However, extreme fatigue that does not improve even after rest can signify cancer. This is because cancer needs the nutrients in the body to develop and advance, making them not replenish the body. Although there are many underlying fatigue causes, many of them are not linked to cancer.

Very Heavy Night Sweats

Experiencing night sweats can be due to an infection or a side effect of specific prescriptions. Besides, women may also experience night sweats during menopause. However, drenching and heavy night sweats can indicate that you have cancer.

Although cancer is a serious problem worldwide, it can be treated, especially if detected early. You should consider visiting your doctor if you detect the above signs.