Congo Ebola

Congo Ebola Outbreak Spreading Faster Than Ever

Democratic Republic of Congo’s Ebola outbreak is spreading at its fastest rate yet, eight months after it was first detected, the World...

Mushrooms May ‘Reduce The Risk Of Mild Brain Decline’

Eating mushrooms more than twice a week could prevent memory and language problems occurring in the over-60s, research from Singapore suggests.

FDA Moves To Tighten E-Cigarette Sales

U.S. health regulators are moving ahead with a plan designed to keep e-cigarettes out of the hands of teenagers by restricting sales...
'No vaccine no school in Italy

New Italian Law Requires Students To Be Vaccinated Or Face Repercussions: Report

A new Italian law reportedly put into effect Tuesday mandates that parents get their kids vaccinated for school or risk new penalties.
British 9 Girl Dies Eating Ice Cream

British Girl, 9, Dies After Eating Ice Cream On Vacation In Spain

A 9-year-old girl has died after eating an ice cream during a family vacation in Spain. The British girl,...
Ebola in Congo

Ebola In Congo Now Infecting Newborn Babies

The World Health Organization says a worrying number of the newest Ebola cases amid Congo's ongoing outbreak are in patients not usually known to...
Child suicides in Japan

Suicides Among Japanese Young People Hit 30-Year High

Child suicides in Japan are the highest they have been in more than three decades, the country's education ministry says. In the fiscal year 2016/7...
Halloween Candy

Meth-Laced Halloween Candy Sends Oregon Parents To Hospital, Authorities Say

Two parents were recovering at an Oregon hospital on Thursday after unknowingly eating Halloween candy laced with methamphetamine, authorities said. The unidentified couple fell ill...
Donald Trump

Trump Wants To Lower Prescription Drug Prices By Basing Some On What Other Countries...

President Donald Trump’s new pledge to crack down on “the global freeloading” in prescription drugs had a sense of déjà vu. Five months ago, Trump...
Engemann Student Health Center

USC Agrees To Pay $215m To Settle Doctor Sex Abuse Claims

The University of Southern California said Friday that it would pay $215 million to settle claims of sexual abuse and harassment by a school...