Sunday, April 2, 2023
Human Papilloma Virus

Cervical Cancer: Australia ‘To Be First To Eliminate Disease’

Australia will become the first country to effectively eliminate cervical cancer if vaccination and screening rates are maintained, researchers say. The disease could be eradicated...

This One Surprising Habit Could Put Your Brain At Risk Of Dementia

While some of the biggest dementia risk factors—age and family history—are beyond your control, it’s no secret that certain daily habits can seriously up...
Woman Diagnosed

Woman Diagnosed With Rare ‘Floating Kidney’ Condition

Generally, you can trust your organs to stay in one place. Sure, they may puff up with air or constrict to pump blood, but...

Malaria Experts Fear Disease’s Resurgence

For the first time in 10 years, global malaria cases are no longer falling, sparking concerns about a resurgence of the too often deadly...
Lung Cancer

Two-Pronged Approach Could Curb Many Cases Of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer, a leading killer, has been hard to target with drugs. A team took a metabolic approach, looking at what lung tumor cells...

The Diet That Might Cure Depression

At the turn of the 20th century, prominent physicians who were trying to understand where mental illness comes from seized on a new theory:...

Brain ‘Pacemaker’ For Alzheimer’s

LaVonne Moore has Alzheimer's disease, but her doctors hope her dementia symptoms could possibly be kept in check by a new type of treatment. Electric...

Doctors To Millennials: Stay Home When You Have The Flu

The younger generation is more likely than older ones to go out when they have the flu – and more likely to make others...
Dental tied to heart infections

Dental Work Tied To Heart Infections In People With Artificial Valves

Invasive dental procedures may raise the risk of rare but serious infections in people who have prosthetic heart valves, a recent French study suggests. Some...

Tobacco Companies Targeted Military, People With Mental Health Conditions

Tobacco companies have targeted those with mental health conditions and people in the military, according to a new Truth campaign. We’ve all seen commercials on...