Sunday, February 25, 2024

UK First Babies Born Using Three-Person DNA Technique

0 soon In a groundbreaking development, the UK’s fertility regulator has officially confirmed the birth of the nation’s first babies created using an innovative technique...
Zinc Lozenges

Zinc Lozenges May Shorten Common Colds By Three Full Days

Lozenges containing zinc acetate in sufficient quantity work to shorten the common cold from the usual seven days to about four, according to a...
Fish Oil Pills

Fish Oil Pills Don’t Prevent Heart Attacks, A Study Finds

Fish oil supplements don't help prevent heart disease or heart attacks, even for people at high risk. That’s the conclusion of an extensive analysis published...

Salt Intake Might Be A Diabetes Risk Factor, New Study Finds

You may already know that people with diabetes are advised to follow a low salt diet. Consuming less sodium can help lower blood pressure,...
Production of Life-Saving Medicines

Automated Weighing and Dispensing: Why It Matters in the Production of Life-Saving Medicines

In the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the field that focuses in the manufacture and sale of life-saving medicines, accurate weighing and dispensing of drug components is...
Brain Cells 'Burn Out' in Parkinson's Disease

Brain Cells ‘Burn Out’ in Parkinson’s Disease

Brain cells in Parkinson's disease exhaust themselves and die prematurely, burning out like an "overheating motor", an early study suggests. Canadian researchers say the findings...
Tap Water

Drink Tap Water at Your Own Risk

It happened with meats. It happened with antibiotics and even lying in. It was only a matter of time before we found out that...
Mother and Daughter

4 Healing Hints For A Speedy PostPartum Recovery

Many expectant Mothers will do whatever it takes to make them feel more equipped and able to care for their newborn baby. This can...

Asthma – Symptoms and Treatment

0 soon Asthma іѕ a chronic dіѕеаѕе іnvоlvіng thе аіrwауѕ іn the lungѕ. Thеѕе airways, оr bronchial tubеѕ, аllоw аіr to соmе іn and out...
Evidence ties insurance

More Evidence Ties Insurance Coverage To Cancer Survival

In two new studies, U.S. cancer patients who are uninsured or have government-sponsored Medicaid insurance for the poor tend to be diagnosed later, receive...