Friday, June 9, 2023
Blood pressure

Magnesium Supplements May Help To Lower Blood Pressure

Getting enough magnesium may help keep blood pressure under control, a new meta-analysis of previous research finds. People in studies who took magnesium supplements had...

Zika Birth Defects In 5 Percent Of Infected Women In Us Islands

Five percent of women in the US territories who were infected with the Zika virus while pregnant had fetus or babies with defects, including...
best spot

Are You A Musician? Watch Out For These Occupational Hazards

Being a musician is a dream job for many people, and so few manage to make it. But make no mistake, there are some...
Millennials Brush Teeth

One-Third Of Millennials Brush Teeth Just Once A Day, Study Shows

Millennials may be successful in many ways, but they are failing when it comes to cleaning their teeth, a new study shows. Research commissioned by...
Graphic Skin Cancer

Those Viral, Graphic Skin Cancer Selfies Actually Encourage Skin Checks

One Kentucky woman is being counted in a class with Angelina Jolie after sharing graphic selfies of her skin cancer helped inspire more people...
Children Health

New Drug To Protect Infants From Whooping Cough Shows Promise

A potential new drug might protect infants from whooping cough in their first few months of life, before they can be vaccinated, early research...
Earliest Breast Cancer Risky

Earliest Breast Cancer Risky For Some Women, Study Suggests

New research shows that chances of dying from very early breast cancer are small but the disease is riskier for young women and blacks,...
Ultra-Processed Foods

Ultra-Processed Foods ‘Linked To Cancer’

A link between highly processed foods and cancer has been suggested by French researchers. They classified foods including cakes, chicken nuggets and mass-produced bread as...
Americans Are Using More Prescription

Americans Are Using More Prescription Drugs Than Ever Before

Americans are taking more prescription drugs than ever before, according to a new study that finds almost three in five take at least one...
Beats Terminal

‘Remarkable’ Therapy Beats Terminal Breast Cancer

The life of a woman with terminal breast cancer has been saved by a pioneering new therapy, say US researchers. It involved pumping 90...