What’s Wrong with Dispensaries in Massachusetts?

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Legal cannabis in Massachusetts has been around since 2016. From the beginning, it was clear that many dispensaries were there just to meet demand. As a result of legal implications, supply and demand, and ranging consumer interests, it seems most cannabis retailers aren’t reaching the quality standards other states are used to.

As with any emerging industry, cannabis has a long road ahead of itself before the market stabilizes. However, it should be noted what buyers are up against these days, and how some dispensaries are working hard to change the status quo.

Current MA Dispensary Downfalls

Get In – Get Out: The Wrong Mentality

The main issue with dispensaries in Massachusetts is the same as it is with many businesses these days: management is more concerned with what the customer spends and less concerned with what they experience. With the majority of dispensaries taking the in-and-out approach, customers are left feeling unheard and underserved.

Other Common Problems

●      Mediocre products: It’s not that what you’re buying isn’t quality. The cannabis in most Massachusetts dispensaries is perfectly acceptable. But customers should have access to better quality cannabis when they want it.

●      Staffing quality: Many of the employees at these dispensaries had a rudimentary knowledge of cannabis, which can make it difficult for customers who are shopping for very specific reasons. From pain management to insomnia, these are real needs that people need real help to fill.

●      Poor displays: How products are arranged and displayed can make a real difference in how people purchase them. In many dispensaries, the displays give little to no information about different strains of cannabis and what they could do.

Cannabis is a new space in Massachusetts. To navigate it successfully, customers need real experience and direction. Most dispensaries don’t have the resources to provide this kind of meaningful help.

The Future of Massachusetts Dispensaries

Five years in a legal market is long enough to introduce better standards for the industry. Some dispensaries, like Eskar (a dispensary with two MA locations) have been making waves for their commitment to prioritizing customer needs. While Eskar is pioneering the dispensary experience, expect other dispensaries to follow. Here are a few suspected changes to the growing cannabis market:

  • Massive locations: Dispensaries will become larger. Far from getting lost inside though, customers will have the chance to find what they’re looking for rather than settling.
  • Knowledgeable employees: Cannabis is still very much in its infancy, which means that there are many things we still don’t know about the substance. New dispensaries are going through more rigorous education classes for their associates.
  • Easy purchasing: If a customer wants to purchase something, it’s as easy as scanning QR codes located next to the product displays.
  • Diverse products: For many reasons, the products now aren’t so diverse. With growing connections and industry expertise, dispensaries are supplying better products than ever.