Is It Possible To Be Fit And Healthy If You Are An Addict?

Quitting drinking

When you are fighting each day to stay healthy, it can be twice as hard if you like some of life’s little indulgences. Having to give up the things that we love can be almost impossible. Chocolates, sweets, takeaway food, and red meat all seem to be in that category of .give up or never get fit’. Of course, there are some little guilty pleasures that are absolutely essential to quit altogether. The things that not only damage our health but can in fact kill us are the things that are the hardest to quit. Addictive substances like nicotine, alcohol and drugs can cause so much harm to our bodies, we may never be able to achieve the level of health and fitness we want.

Quitting drinkingQuitting drinking or a drug habit is one of the hardest things anyone ever has to do in life, especially if they have become addicted. There are lots of programmes out there to help, but sometimes the habits have impacted on our lives to such an extent, we need a time out. Moving to a sobriety house helps give us the support we need to get back to full independence in life.

The effects of drugs and alcohol on our bodies are numerous, but quitting them can stop the damage we are doing. For most people, the body can repair enough of the damage for us to live healthy lives and enjoy a high level of fitness. If you have ever suffered an addiction, there is the possibility you may become addicted to other things in life. Obsessions with diet and extreme levels of exercise can happen for those who have an addictive personality. It can be best always to try to use groups and networking when you first start out your new healthy lifestyle.

Smoking is the one of the biggest obstacles to good health. The chemicals and deposits in your lungs can clear completely to give you the freedom to breathe and exercise well. This can take several months, but within just a few days of quitting, you should already notice a positive difference. There are many routes you can take to help you quit. You shouldn’t be put off by stories of weight gain when you quit. This is often attributed to the need to put something in your mouth instead of a cigarette. Avoid unhealthy foods, and instead chew on sticks of celery or carrot until that habit fades.

Giving up things we love, and things that we have been addicted to can be incredibly hard. When you are trying to combine quitting with starting a healthy diet and exercise programme, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. If this happens, strip back the exercise and rigidity of your diet until you feel in a stronger place emotionally. Taking on too much at once can lead to failure and great disappointment. Using a support network can greatly improve your chances to succeed at everything you take on, but be sure not to take any small slip-ups to heart.