The Beginners Guide to Bodybuilding to Muscle Growth


Let’s face it; losing weight is not all what it’s cracked up to be. Having a sculpted, well-honed body is a must. Now, more people than ever are keen to lose weight and start lifting. In fact, bodybuilding has become something of a phenomenon of the last few years. So many people are keen to make sure that their bodies are temples. It’s vital that maximising muscle growth is at the top of the gym bunnies list.

So, if you have stared in awe at an impeccable body and their sheer aptitude towards bodybuilding, you may want to consider taking up this sport yourself.

How can this be done?

Let’s find out more in this beginners guide to bodybuilding.


Start with a Plan

All new fitness regimens have to begin with a kick-ass plan. Take a look at how you will sculpt your body in the next eight weeks. Make sure that you are in a good place to start your new regime in earnest. After all, you need to be dedicated and motivated. Having a plan in place will help you set your mind to achievable goals.

Over the next eight weeks, you need to ensure that you are planning meals and hitting the gym. It’s time to eat clean. So, prepare and plan your meals a week in advance. Cut out crap and make sure that your body is a temple to clean eating. Take a look at the best muscle building supplements that money can buy and this will get you on the road to being a well stacked and muscular machine.

Make the Gym Your Priority

You need to dedicate at least 2 hours per day to the gym. Ensure that you include a varied workout. Hit the cardio for half hour to warm up. Then, focus on different parts of your body. Legs, shoulders and your butt all need to look amazing. It may be wise to concentrate on a different body part every day so that you don’t end up getting confused. After all, retaining focus is essential to bodybuilding.

Be Consistent: Your Body Needs It

You need to be consistent with your workouts if you want to become a lean, mean muscle machine. So, head to the gym every day at the same time and make sure that your regimen is in a good place to start sculpting your body.

Start With the Basics

No one is expecting you to deadlift 150KG on your first try. In fact, this should be avoided. But, get the basics down. Squats, burpees and hip hinges are the best places to start. Perfect these before you go near the weights. Then, start adding kettlebells to your workout. This is a great way of challenging your body. You need to ensure that you are nailing the basics, and adding weights to your workout, to maximise muscle.

Strive For Fat Loss

Fat loss imperative before you start weight training. Making sure that you are stripping fat is important. This means that you need to maximise your cardiovascular workout as a matter of importance. Then, you can start lifting!