Worried You May Not Be Fit And Healthy? Take These Simple Tests

check your health

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If you are worried you may be a little too large for your frame, it may be time to assess your general health and fitness. Aching joints and muscles when you take on moderate exercise may be a sign you have put on a little too much weight. If some of your clothes are now too small, it may be possible they have shrunk, but more likely you have gained a little fat in some places.

check your health

There are several ways to test yourself. Hop on a good set of scales on a flat, hard floor when you are naked. Try and do this first thing in the morning before you have eaten or drunk anything. Do it again for a couple of days and see if it is going up. Make a note of your average weight and check it against a BMI calculator. You will need to know your height as well. If you are big-boned, or have large muscles you may be healthy but weigh more than the guidelines.

Now you need to check your health. When was the last time you had any cold symptoms? If it was less than two months ago you may be less healthy than you thought. If you have had more than two colds this year, it may be time to address your diet and check you are getting the right nutrients. Allergies do not count.

If you have stairs in your home, building or office block, take a brisk walk up and down one flight three times. If you had to stop or if you are breathing very heavily at the end, you may not be very fit. Some color in your cheeks, and an elevated heart rate with some deeper breaths is good. If your legs are feeling wobbly or achy, you may need to address your fitness sooner rather than later.

If your BMI is particularly high, the extra weight on your frame may be restricting your ability to exercise well. This will hamper your journey to fitness and good health. There are several diets that can help you lose weight fast. You may prefer to take on changes gradually with a reduction in unhealthy foods and an increase in physical activities like walking. Sometimes people choose to change their lifestyle permanently to make losing weight and keeping it off much easier.

Whichever way you choose to lose weight or improve your health and fitness, most of the changes required are in your diet and exercise levels. These changes may not be easy if you have certain eating habits or enjoy sitting in front of the TV in the evening. When we are tired, we want to rest and enjoy a snack. Getting up and working our bodies is hard. If we do it often enough, we will feel less tired and more motivated to exercise as a hobby or part of our lifestyle. Feeling more fit is a good side effect of the hard work and sacrifices that are required to get there.