What Is An Arching Foot And How To Heal It?

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Walking and balancing are two of the most important functions that are performed by our feet. Most people think feet are just for walking and you do not need too much exercise to improve your function. The main reason is that since walking is the first skill that we learn as a kid, we start to take this skill for granted. From the time we wake up to the time, we walk to the bathroom, stand in the coffee shop to grab our coffee cup, or wait for our bus at the bus station, almost every basic function is performed by using our foot.

Foot structure in itself is the marvel of nature. If we look closely, it is not made up of one single bone, instead, it is made up of small bones that are joined together. These joints offer our foot, enough flexibility that it can twist and turn when required. If our foot was veer without joints, we would notice that it might get quite challenging to lift our foot or balance our body. Apart from this importance of joints, we will see that foot has an arch. This arch is present between the ball-like structure present in the heel and the digits of the foot. Most people think this arch doesn’t do much, however, it has so many different functions.

With the help of this article, we will highlight the importance of the foot arch. We will also talk about abnormal foot arches and what are some of the ways that can be used to resolve this issue. Since it is a medical issue, this might be resolved only if we opt for a holistic approach. Within this article, we will try to cover this issue from all aspects.

How To Diagnose High Arches?

For proper diagnosis you need to consult your doctor however, there are so many different methods that can be sued for the overall diagnosis of high arches. Some of these methods include:

  • The doctor will start with the family history and ask about the same condition in your family.
  • He will then switch to a physical examination of your foot to see what kind of issue you are facing and if it is manageable
  • After that, he might ask you to walk so he can see the walking patterns of your feet as well
  • For internal examination of bones, he might prescribe an X-ray
  • Sometimes NCV and electromyography can also be used for diagnosis.

What to Do To Soothe the Pain?

There are so many different methods that can be used to soothe the pain. Most people are prescribed simply over-the-counter pain medication that can help them soothe the pain however, some simple remedies can help you ease the urgent pain.

  • Start by stretching your feet keep your digits open for a few seconds and then relax your feet. Now, you need to dip your feet in cold water to soothe the aching feet.
  • After that stand on your tiptoes and stretch your feet. Now, you have to come down and stand on your feet properly. Repeat this again and then let go.
  • Now sit in butterfly pose with your heels intact and you need to hold your posture as well.
  • For walking, use some silicon padding that you can keep in your shoes. This will offer you extra support as well.

Why do You need To Seek Permanent Solution For High Arches?

Most of the time people think high arches are only linked with walking and balancing conditions however, it is much more than that. High arches can be linked with so many other problems including:

Plantar fasciitis

This condition occurs when you have a swollen ligament that can become painful as you start walking. This ligament is used for joining the toe back to the heel and acts as a support for helping you walk easily.


This is the issue that is caused by inflammation of the heel especially the ball that helps in walking. Usually, if you sit, you might not be able to feel it but it gets worse as you start walking.

Walking Instability

Most people have a wobbly walk as they start running or walking. It is very important to keep in mind that your arches should support your walk rather than make it painful.

Claw Toes

It is a very common issue that happens when your toes turn into a very uncomfortable position to offer a little stability however, it is painful and can have a long-term effect. When you wear shoes these toes are turned downwards and they can be very painful. Most people report that they are unable to wear shoes because of their claw toes.

What to Do If You Have Arching Heel?

If you have arcing heal, try to consult a doctor first. Most people try home remedies and invest in simple braces that they see online. In some cases, these braces work, whereas in other cases, they can result in making your feet more painful. For high arches, seeking medical attention is very important. Most doctors diagnose the issues and offer some short-term remedy, however, if the condition is worse, or you have some structural abnormality, you might need physical therapy as well. Some people are prescribed to have surgery others are offered simple painkillers to soothe the pain and then they have to go through surgery for a long-term solution. The main goal of medical attention is to improve the arches so you can easily walk without facing issues reading the stability of your feet.

In case the high arches are not so painful and the doctor prescribes some home remedies, you can try so many different remedies. Some of these remedies include:

Invest In Night Splints

Night splints are very easy to find and you just have to put them on your feet at night. With night splints you will have calf support along with the arch of your foot and this will help you relieve the pain due to plantar fasciitis.

Use Foot Pads

Footpads are silicon-based soles that are worn in shoes. You can use it as the replacement for your shoe sole and since it is pretty soft it reduces the pressure on your foot as well.

Try Soothing Your Feet

There are so many ways you can soothe your aching feet. One of the easiest methods is to apply ice on your aching feet and this will help you soothe the pin. You can also use cold water or frozen peas.