The Simplest Way to Save Money on Specs


If you wear glasses, you’ll know how expensive they can be. You can’t put a price on your health. Sometimes, though, the cost of eye tests, glasses, special coatings and all the fripperies adds up to more than you’d bargained for.  Glasses can be eye wateringly expensive. But don’t fret! You’ll have your eyes opened to how you can make spec-tacular savings!

You can get an eye test for free and save some of your hard-earned cash. In the UK, eye tests can cost up to thirty pounds. The good news there are ways to get your peepers tested and it won’t cost you a penny! You’re eligible for free tests if you are in full-time education and aged nineteen or under. If you’re over sixty, you also qualify. If you’re over forty and any of your immediate family suffer from glaucoma, you’re eligible too.  Diabetics get their eye tests for free, and if you receive certain benefits, you won’t have to pay either. There are also supermarkets that offer free eye tests, so it needn’t set you back a single penny.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Wherever you choose to get your eye test, you’re not obliged to purchase your specs from there. You can take your prescription anywhere you want to be fulfilled, and this is where it pays to be savvy. If you’ve never had glasses before, do ask your optician to measure the difference between your pupils. This will help you get the right size glasses later on.

Now it’s time to start shopping around.

People can tend to be wary when they see how cheap buying glasses online can be. Surely if prices are so low, they can’t be any good, right? Wrong. Of course, you should always make your purchase from a trusted, reputable seller for peace of mind. But more and more people and turning their back on traditional opticians when buying their specs to make massive savings online.

You can buy glasses for a fraction of high street prices

If you need glasses, getting your prescription filled online is one of the cheapest ways you can get them. Online retailers don’t have the same overheads as high street shops. Having fewer overheads, internet based companies can make your glasses to the same high quality, but for a fraction of the price.

Want to get rid of your glasses?

Of course, you may decide that you’d like a more permanent solution to your vision problems.

Lasik surgery is the latest development in laser eye correction procedures. If you’re fed up of glasses, then this could be the answer. It’s quick, easy and may mean can ditch the specs for good!

Reglaze and reap the benefits

If you’re happy with the frames you have at the moment; then you’re in for the biggest bargain yet. You can send them away to be reglazed, saving you the cost of new frames. Replacing your current frames is the largest money saver of them all!

Saving money is one thing but don’t let this replace looking after yourself properly. Make sure your prescription is up to date and don’t forget to have frequent check-ups.Your eyes are delicate and need TLC. They’re the only pair you’ve got so it pays to take care of them. Look after your peepers and they’ll look after you for years to come!