The Four Common Types of Addiction


Addiction can be troubling. Whether you’re the one suffering or you know someone who is. When it comes to issues of addiction, the path is never clear.

There are many different approaches to take to combating it. First though, you need to know what you’re dealing with. I’m going to walk you through the four common addictions.


Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is possibly the biggest and most well-known addiction. If not, at least the most well known. The illegality of the drugs is a two-sided sword.

On one hand if caught buying, using, or under the influence of narcotics, the addict can be placed into a rehabilitation program. One the other, they will have a criminal record. This criminal record could be hazardous to future prospects and return the addict to drugs.

With a full breadth of drugs on the streets, not all addictions are equal. Some drugs have a powerful hold though. The addict may do things they never thought they’d do.

Some drugs may affect mental capacity in the long term, along with other elements of health.

Alcohol Addiction

Although in recent years this has been changing, alcohol addiction is accepted in society in some circumstances. The functioning alcoholic as it is known.

We’re all aware of alcohol abusers when they’re non-functioning, but we often don’t know about those who do function and struggle beneath the surface.

With alcohol rehab becoming commonplace for those addicted, it’s looking like we’re turning a corner on combatting alcohol addiction.

Food Addiction

Food addiction has some eating disorders under its umbrella. Binge eating is the biggest. The compulsion to eat driven by emotion or boredom is not the obvious danger. The danger lies in both what is eaten, and if purging is occurring.

Food addiction with junk and fast foods can lead to immense weight gain, and purging through vomiting can damage the body irreparably.

Sex Addiction

Generally in the realms of sexual compulsion, sex addiction can manifest in numerous ways. Masturbation and exhibitionism are forms of sex addiction for example. Combined, you may see someone become a flasher.

Some with sex addiction might even use prostitutes to fulfill their addiction needs and wants. Not all forms of sex addiction dip into illegality, however.

It’s important to remember that addicts are people. They are not automatically bad people. Their addictions may cause them to do evil things, however.

When treating an addict, it is paramount to remain non-judgemental. At the very least do not let the judgement interfere with treatment. If these addicts can beat their addiction, they will already be suffering from the acts committed while addicted.

Treating people with respect and compassion is the best way to get through to them.

Not every addict is redeemable. It’s a sad fact. Think about the people you know though. Do you think they might have an addiction?

Part of your responsibility to them is to identify if they are struggling. If you think someone might have a problem, please talk to them.

Knowing the signs of addiction are critical to ensuring you, and those around you do not fall into the trap of dependence.