5 Top Ways Your Body May Change When You’re Stressed!

Stomach issues

A little bit of stress is healthy in our life. But sometimes it can be excessive and lead to Depression or Anxiety. It is not good for our emotional well-being as it can affect our relationships, work and home life. It’s also not good for our body, and we can end up with several issues which are caused by stress. Here are some of the main ways our body is affected when we suffer from high stress in our lives.

Weight increase

When we are under a lot of stress, we can start to eat ‘comfort food’ such as high fats and sugars which are not good for our health. Eating junk food can lead to a weight increase which could cause further issues in the future if you become overweight or obese. We tend to forget the important nutrients that we should have in our diet as we are too busy worrying about things in our life. As discussed in this article, eating fruits and vegetables, as well as foods such as fish, which is high in omega-3, have been shown to reduce stress. Therefore, next time you are planning to grab a chocolate bar to help relieve that stressful day, grab an apple or a banana instead!

Back pain

Surprisingly, when you are suffering from stress, you will start to feel more aches and pains in your body. You won’t be sleeping correctly, which means your body can’t relax, which leads to pains. Also, stress causes people to tense up, and, therefore, you might end up with pain in your back. It’s best to go for a remedial massage which has been proved to help with stress, and gives you the chance to relax.

Hair falling out

When people suffer from stress, they can start to find their hair begins to lose its quality, and can even fall out. In some cases, it can be a trigger for the illness Alopecia Areata where you lose your hair on a regular basis. Some reports say that people can start to pull it out themselves as a way of relieving stress. You should go to the doctors if either is happening to you.

Stomach issues

People with stress can cause often end up experiencing stomach aches. Severe stomach pains can often cause unrest in your belly which may lead you to end up having diarrhea or constipation. It can be a trigger in causing syndromes such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which can then affect you for years. If you are feeling stressed, try and relax your stomach, and don’t eat any heavy foods which may cause issues.



If you are feeling stressed, you are likely to experience more headaches. As you are constantly trying to think of a resolution to a problem, you will get more tired and stressed. As it says here, there is a link between the two as you are experiencing less sleep when stressed. You should try and do more exercise and get more sleep, and you will see some improvement.

Try and keep your body calm if you are experiencing stress, and go to talk to your doctor if it’s taking over your life.