Six Things That Could Be Majorly Increasing Your Chances Of Heart Attack

Chances Of Heart Attack

We all know about the risks to our heart nowadays. Sustained campaigns keep us aware of heart disease and we undoubtedly have some members of our family that have suffered from it, too. But what do we do to fight it in our lives? How many considerably harmful practices do we dismiss, all the while endangering ourselves? We’re going to take a look at six factors that could be majorly increasing our chances of a heart attack.

Chances Of Heart Attack


We all know of the myriad of health risks posed by the vice that is smoking. It’s why vaping is quickly replacing many cigarettes as the go-to method of getting nicotine. But beyond lung and throat cancer, did you know of the threat it poses to the heart? Smoking increases blood pressure and reduces the ability to blood to clot, two huge factors in heart attacks and strokes.

Your diet

Diet is one of the more frequently talked about risks to our blood pressure and heart. It’s common knowledge that eating fatty foods means fatty arteries which lead to clots. But did you also know you can just as easily use food to the opposite effect? Yes, there are also foods that are good for your heart. They include salmon, blueberries, citrus fruits and more.


A lot of us will have illnesses or conditions that we have to take medication for. However, how sure are you that your medication isn’t contributing to the likelihood of heart disease or a heart attack? One famous example has led to many an Invokana injury claim. If you’re worried about your medication’s potential effect on your blood pressure, then get tested by your doctor and find out for sure.

Lack of exercise

Many of us are growing more indolent, which has led to the current rise in obesity. But It also leads to serious risks of heart attack. But getting into exercise the wrong way also proves a risk. Heart attacks often occur in moments of exertion. So if you’re worried about your blood pressure and you want to make a turn in your fitness, by all means do it. But take it slow so you don’t end up putting too much of a strain on your heart.

Dental health

One of the recent health campaigns getting some publicity is that for how our teeth influence the rest of our health. The link between dental health and our heart is not conclusive, but many experts agree. Gum disease is a risk factor in heart disease. It can also lead to serious, life threatening infections if a heart attack isn’t enough risk.


Perhaps the most comically used example of a heart attack is the cartoonish idea that becoming overly angry or stressed can lead to it. An exaggeration, but not much of one. Stress raises blood pressure and can lead to times when the heart can pump at extreme rates. These two factors combining can often have fatal results. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as other physical factors.