Revealed: The Best Ways To Keep Your Feet Healthy


Our feet are one of our most important body parts – where would we be without them? And yet, far too many of us pay little or no attention to the health of our feet. If you neglect your feet and don’t take proper care of them, this can lead to an array of nasty, not to mention painful, problems.

The good news is, however, that keeping your feet healthy and happy is much easier than you would think. Take note of these tips and implement them, and you can ensure that your don’t suffer from foot pain or other problems.

Wash your feet every day

The most important thing that you can do to keep your feet healthy is keep them clean. Each day, wash your feet with a mild soap and then pat them dry. Foot fungus loves moisture, so it’s essential that after you clean your feet, you always dry them properly. Between the toes is the most important spot to keep clean and dry, as it’s warm, so is the perfect breeding ground for fungal infections.

Cut your toenails regularly

Every year, thousands of people end up having surgery to remove ingrown toenails. To prevent your feet from succumbing to this problem, it’s crucial that you cut your toenails regularly. To trim your nails, use nail clippers, not scissors. Cut your nails straight across, being careful not to get too close to the skin. If you notice that a toenail is growing into the skin instead of outwards, cut a small v-shape in the center of it – this will encourage it to grow straight.

Invest in good quality shoes

When it comes to foot pain, the most common cause is wearing the wrong type of shoes. Your shoes should fit your feet properly, be breathable and comfortable. If you opt to wear shoes that don’t fit properly, this can lead to long-term problems. As can wearing high heels that are too high. If you do end up in pain because of the shoes you’ve been wearing, your best bet is to undergo physiotherapy for foot pain. This will help to repair the problem and reduce pain, making the muscles in your foot stronger and more resilient.

Treat any foot problems immediately

No matter what the problem, be it Athlete’s Foot or a verruca, it’s crucial that you treat it as soon as possible. The longer you leave an issue, the worst it tends to get. As soon as you feel pain or spot a problem, make an appointment to see your doctor. Or, if it’s a problem that you can treat at home, buy over-the-counter treatment for it. If you cut your foot, it’s crucial that you clean and bandage the wound. Feet are prone to infections, so it’s important that any cuts and grazes are carefully cleaned and treated.

A lot of us don’t make an effort to take care of our feet. However, it’s important that we give them the care they need. Of all our body parts, our feet are one of the most important, as they’re what get us from A to B. That’s why taking good care of them is so important.