How To Prepare Your Skin for a Tropical Getaway


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A tropical getaway is near the top of almost everyone’s to-do list. If you’re lucky enough to have scheduled some island-hopping, you need to make sure your skin is ready before throwing yourself on the sand. Everyday life sometimes gets in the way of proper skincare, so the time to start is now. To make sure you’re ready for the balmy days ahead, here’s how to prepare your skin for the tropics.

Use an Exfoliant

Exfoliating your body sloughs off dead skin cells and lets soft, radiant skin shine through. Delicious smelling scrubs made from sugar, coffee grounds or sea salt will get your body island-ready. Try to exfoliate in the shower two or three times a week. Remember to gently buff and polish skin without a lot of force. If you end up with red and irritated skin, use a gentler technique or exfoliate less often.

Plan Hair Removal

When you’re busy on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is hair removal. If you’re tired of buying endless razors and creams, yet hot wax is too painful, consider laser hair removal. A laser hair removal spa Manhattan will eliminate hair quickly and efficiently in just a few sessions. Being hair-free whenever you want will make spontaneous trips a breeze!

Moisturize Like Crazy

Once you get your skin in shape, you need to keep it that way. Moisturizing is the key to keeping skin supple. Choose lotions with natural products such as shea and cocoa butter, coconut oil and non-clogging formulas for your face. Oatmeal lotions are a great way to moisturize sensitive skin. You can also keep skin svelte from the inside out by drinking enough water every day.

Remember Your Feet

While you’re paying all that attention to your body, remember to give your tootsies some love, too! Use a pumice stone to rub off dry skin from your heels and follow with a gentle exfoliator. Apply a calming lavender cream or invigorating peppermint as a final touch. You can also lather your feet at night with body butter and cover them with socks. Your pretty feet will look great on the beach!

Feel Confident in Your Skin

If you’re ready for a tropical getaway, make sure your skin is, too. Start prepping for the beach now with weekly exfoliation, a laser hair removal appointment and natural moisturizers. By the time your trip rolls around, you’ll feel confident in your soft, glowing skin.