Diet & Diabetes: Check Out These Top Tips

Diet & Diabetes

Diabetes is an illness that, unlike many others, won’t have a massive impact on an individual’s life.

Usually passed down in common genes, diabetes can be effectively treated by a combination of medication and good diet.

But it’s the latter that many people struggle with. After all, it’s far too tempting to munch on a chocolate bar and a sugary drink on a weekend. How can people with diabetes still enjoy their food, but not put themselves at risk?

Well… here’s how!

Reduce salt intake. Eating too much salt can lead to higher blood pressure, which can worsen diabetes symptoms. The main source of salt to be aware of is processed foods, but you should always remember to check the nutritional information on any food you eat.

Avoid putting salt directly on your food too – is that bit of extra taste worth it? There’s plenty of salt in foods like bread and butter, things you consume every single day. You’ll more than get your daily requirement without even having to try!

Consult a dietitian or specialist service. Diabetes is an incredibly common disease, and as such, help regarding it is extremely common. A professional dietitian will be able to devise you a sufficient meal plan, which takes into account your condition.

Alternatively, there are dozens of online resources that can supply diabetes recipes for those who need them most. Just remember that your diet must be given special attention, and eating willy-nilly wouldn’t be a wise option.

Water, water, water. Every single human on the planet has to stay hydrated, and you are no different. What’s different for you is that it’s even more important! This is because water contains zero calories and zero sugar. Pretty much every other drink you can consume is loaded with sugars, from cola to fruit juice. Water is cleanest!

Don’t eat out too often. Restaurant and fast food must be prepared quickly, and as such, they usually don’t use quality ingredients. This can mean that meals from these places are loaded with sugars and large quantities of preservatives and salt. In short, none of this stuff is good for you!

To combat this effect, try eating at home more often. This way, you’ll be able to see what exactly goes into your foods, and won’t get any nasty surprises.

Diabetes foods. If you look around your local food store, they’re bound to sell foods that are designed for people with diabetes.

These shouldn’t form the basis of your diet, but if used in moderation, they can give you that slight boost you need.

Increase fish intake. Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help to combat heart disease. So, look to include some in your diet wherever possible! From cod to salmon and haddock, it’s all good stuff and can give you a step in the right direction.

However, beware fried fish or other similar unhealthy options. Fried fish effectively negates the goodness found in the fish itself. Keep things basic, and eat your fish without any added, unhealthy ingredients where possible.