7 Things You Should do to Keep Your Hearing in Amazing Condition

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Everyday, we expose our hearing to things that could potentially damage it forever. Our hearing is one of our most important senses, so keeping it in tip top condition is essential for a high quality of life. Here are 7 things you should do to keep your hearing in amazing condition:

hearing aid close-upTurn Down Your Music

Instead of listening to your music full blast, consider turning it down a few notches to protect your ears. If you can’t hear any background noise, just your music, then it is definitely too loud for you. Headphones can be better for the ears than earphones, as you don’t need them as loud to enjoy a quality sound. Even when you’re in the car, you should be careful of having the radio on too loud.

Make Sure You’re Protected at Work

Do you work in a noise polluted environment? An example would be a construction site. You might even be surprised to learn that your place of work is bad for your ears – somewhere like a busy shopping centre could be too loud for you. You should be protected at work with the right ear protection. It’s usually up to your employer to provide this, so have a chat with them if you’re concerned.

Take Precautions at Live Shows

Going to live shows and gigs is a lot of fun, but you do run the risk of damaging your hearing. Many people report leaving a live show with ringing in their ears, which is of course, a warning sign. Try not to stand too close to the speakers, and have a break every now and again. For example, you could go outside for a couple of minutes each hour to give your ears a rest.

Protect Your Head From Injury

Injuring your head could be the cause of hearing loss if you aren’t careful. Wear your seatbelt in the car, and wear a helmet when you ride a bike. On construction sites, always wear protective gear. Wherever possible, protect your head from damage.

Have Your Hearing Tested

Every now and again, you should have your hearing tested to make sure there’s nothing wrong. If there is, you may be prescribed a hearing aid for you to hear better. However, getting the right hearing aid can be tricky. http://exposinghearingaids.org/ is a good resource for separating the good hearing aids from the bad.

Live a Healthy Life

Living a healthy life is beneficial in all kinds of ways, but it can benefit your hearing too. Avoiding smoking, drinking, and eating rubbish food will keep you in great health for years and years. You don’t want to develop any diseases that could affect your hearing!

Don’t Use Cotton Buds

People think that cotton buds clean out their ears, when in actual fact they can push the wax further down and block it up. You’ll need to buy a kit to get the wax out of your ears at home, or go to see a specialist to have your ears cleaned.

Take care of your hearing now to live a better quality of life later!