3 Easy Ways You Can Stay Fit In 2016

Stay Fit In 2016

New year, new you! Loads of people set themselves a new year’s resolution to get fitter and be more active. Normally, it gets to around the first week of February, and they’re back to their slobbish ways. If you want to stay fit this year, you have to work for it. But, it’s not as hard as it seems! Here are three easy ways you can stay fit in 2016:


When I said there were some easy ways to stay fit, I meant it! Things don’t get much easier than walking. Yes, walking can be a fantastic way for someone to improve their fitness and get active. The best part about it is that it’s totally free, and you can do it whenever you want. Instead of driving places, walk there instead. If you’re feeling bored, go for a nice long walk. It gets you outdoors and keeps you nice and healthy. Plus, it’s not as damaging on the joints as running is. If you do want to start walking more, I advise you get the proper footwear. You need shoes that can provide support and comfort. So, make sure you get your hands on a pair of the best women’s walking shoes. Once you’ve got your shoes, that’s pretty much all you need! Just pick a location and you’re off.


Another effective way of getting fit is to take up yoga. For centuries, people have been practicing yoga all over the globe. There are many different forms and styles of yoga to choose from. Some are more fast paced and intense than others. What’s great about yoga is that you don’t require lots of space, or time, to do it. You can fit in a good session if you have thirty minutes spare. Yoga will loosen up your muscles, making you more flexible and preventing injury. Also, it can help you slim down and shed some of that pesky Christmas weight you’re still carrying. Some people like to pay to go to yoga classes a few times a week. If you’re a beginner, this may be a good idea, so you can get to grips with everything. But, you’re perfectly able to get some DVD’s and books and practice yoga at home. It depends on your personal preference.


I often think of Pilates as yoga’s more intense cousin. The two are similar in some ways and do crossover a bit too. You’ll get a few yoga poses in Pilates, and vice versa. The main difference is that Pilates is more active and looks to engage you more on a physical level. Lots of professional athletes do Pilates to build up core strength and tone their tummies. You can burn a lot of fat from doing Pilates, and it’s an excellent way to get in shape. As with yoga, there are classes available if you want them. Also, it’s another thing you don’t require lots of room for, so can do at home.

Having read this article, you should have no excuses for the rest of the year! You know how to stay fit, so go out and start taking this advice on board. I promise you’ll feel a lot better and get a lot fitter.