What To Try When Nothing Else Is Working To Lose Weight


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If you are tired of making New Year resolutions about your diet, health and weight, it may be time to take a break from broken promises. After numerous attempts at diet and exercise regimes designed to lose weight, most people felt tired, hungry, achy and fed up with the lack of results. For the most part, it isn’t our fault. Our lifestyles have changed dramatically in the last few decades. Computers and TV are where we center our lives because we live in an age of communication and information.


This home-based lifestyle has so many advantages for all of us, no matter what our age. But it also has that one enormous downside. We have to be still and seated to be able to see the screens clearly! Most of us at one time or another have tried using a treadmill while doing something else. TVs are always too high for us to monitor what we are doing on the treadmill, and the noise of using one drowns out the sound anyway. Earbuds for music work fine most of the time, but if you have tried an aural book, you’ll know how easy it is to lose track of the plot.

After seeing countless people bump into things while they text and walk, it makes most of us give up trying to move and use our devices at the same time. This means our lifestyles may well be non-compatible with our desire to keep active. More of us than ever before have sit-down office jobs. Visiting the gym once or twice a week soon becomes a chore. We need our body to be moving most of our waking time for it to be part of our lifestyle to be active. It just isn’t possible anymore.

So maybe we need to cheat a little. If we can’t change our lives to make us active enough to get rid of the excess fat we have put on, we need to find other means to control it. Most of us can do enough in a week to maintain our weight, but few of us can lose it and keep it off. Slimming aids may be the answer to getting the weight off. Fat burners like those discussed at http://topfatburnerss.com are a good way to jump start that weight loss. Small and doable changes to our lifestyle should then keep it off.

Have you tried a fit band? They track your steps, sleep, exercise and diet. Associated apps then provide motivational advice, challenges and information to help you improve. They start quite cheaply, but you get more functions for more money, like heart monitors and pulse ox measurements. The point of them is to analyse what you already do and help you do it even better with small tweaks.

Changes to our lifestyles are difficult to do and nearly impossible to maintain, but adding or subtracting just one thing in your life may make a huge difference. Using an app to record what you do is no longer considered the act of someone with OCD, but the norm for a technologically reliant culture. If you can’t put down your iPhone, let it be the thing that helps you keep that weight off!