Western Massage Versus Eastern Massage: Which is Best For You?

Western Massage

For those of us who love nothing more than indulging in a deep massage, you will know all too well the joy, and pleasure, which you can get from having a fantastic rub down. But, did you know that there are typically two types of massage available to you? These are termed as Western massages and Eastern massages. Is your mind blown yet? It should be. This guide will give you the lowdown on both massages so that you can make an informed choice ready for the next time that you book an invigorating massage.Western Massage


Western Massage:

Traditional massages in Europe are largely based on the concept of deep tissue massages. These are linked to anatomy, pathology and physiology. This means that when you get a massage from a beauty parlour, you are more than likely receiving a traditional Western massage that focuses on your body. While this may seem commonsensical, the Eastern approach to massage is very different (there will be more on this later). So, if you are receiving a massage from your local beautician or physician, they will be focusing on correcting any problems that lie within your digestive system, your nervous system and so forth.

What is more, European or Western massage, focuses on relaxation, improved circulation and ways to relieve muscle tension. This is why you are often in pain when you come out of your massage. Of course, you feel relaxed but your muscles have been subjected to deep treatments which is why they ache afterwards. Deep tissue massages have become increasingly popular in the last five years, due to the rise of sports therapy. Many people like the feeling of having an intense rub down, so this kind of massage is perfect for those that lead active lives.

Eastern Massage

Eastern massage differs greatly to that of Western massage. This is because Eastern massages focus on the mind, body and soul, as opposed to tissue restoration. So, if you want a massage that realigns your energy flow and keep your body in balance, as well as soothing various points within your body, then Eastern massage will be ideal for you.

Eastern massage focuses on rocking, striking and finding pressure points whereas Western massage focuses on kneading and stroking the muscles. This is a handy resource to help understand the difference between types of massage. However, do not be fooled into thinking that Eastern massage will not be beneficial for you, as it can be incredibly vigorous, more so than Western massages.

Those who practice Eastern massage tend to focus on the mind and soul a lot more than those who practice Western massage. This means massage techniques are combined with the healing powers of Amma, Shiatsu, Tui Na amongst others. This means that you have a complete body workout as well as incorporating Tai Chi into your massage so that your mind, as well as your body, is deeply invigorated.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing the perfect massage. Think about your individual requirements and what you want to gain from a massage before booking your next massage.