Understanding the In Vitro Fertilization Cycle

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Couples who are keen to start a family often turn to IVF to make it possible for them to have children. Yet, despite the popularity of this method many people don’t understand what it really involves.

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By understanding the in vitro fertilization cycle better it becomes clear why this is such a popular and trusted way of starting a family. In the cases where one or other partner suffers from infertility, this could be the perfect way of making your dreams of having a family together come true at last.

Testing for Infertility

Before going ahead with IVF treatment, it is necessary to get some infertility tests carried out first of all, to make sure that this is the correct approach for the couple in question. This isn’t something to be worried about, but it is a step that needs carried out right at the beginning.

There are a number of tests that need to be undertaken here, including blood, semen and uterus tests. The results of these tests will make it clear whether IVF is the best approach for the couple and it shouldn’t take too long to get to the point in which an informed decision can be made.

Treatment Recommendation and Start

Once the initial tests have all been carried out, your doctor will be able to calculate whether IVF treatment is the right procedure in your case. They will also be able to define the exact type of treatment that is required in this case.

This is when you will be advised of the medication that is needed and can start taking the treatment. In the majority of cases, the medicine comes in the form of injections that can be taken at home without the need for a doctor or nurse to administer them.

On-Going Checks

While you are taking the medication you will be called back for on-going checks to be carried out. These will include the likes of blood testing and ultrasounds checks.

This on-going testing is needed in order to find out how effective the treatment is and whether any change is needed to the medication. When everything is going smoothly these are simply routine checks that give you and your medical team peace of mind that all is going perfectly well.

Egg Removal

Once the eggs reach maturity the medical staff dealing with your case will give you details of the final injection, which will complete the process of maturation of the eggs. After this, the eggs need to be removed a fixed time after this injection.

The egg removal process is often done under anesthesia, with the eggs then added to the sperm the same day. This allows the fertilization process to start right away, with analysis the following day to check if the eggs are now fertilized as expected.

The Embryo Transfer

A few days later, the embryo transfer of the fertilized can be carried out. This is usually done quickly and without the need for anesthesia to be used.

Your doctor will speak to you beforehand about the exact approach to be taken in your case, always with the objective of achieving pregnancy with no more than one healthy baby at a time.

IVF is a hugely popular type of treatment that has been proven to be safe and highly effective over a number of years, with an impressive success rate in the best clinics.