The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Their Teeth


Looking after our teeth is important to keep them in top working order. Otherwise, we’re going to be paying lots of visits to the dentist! They might eventually have to take them out, which isn’t going to be pleasant. There are lots of things you need to do to ensure you’ve got healthy teeth, but there’s also things you shouldn’t do! We’re going to have a look at a few of them today.


Incorrect Brushing Technique

Arguably the most common reason why people don’t look after their teeth is also the easiest one to fix! Many people don’t understand the proper ways to brush their teeth. They brush in the wrong places, with the wrong intensity, and not for long enough. All of this can lead to either doing too little or too much, which is going to cause problems in the long run. Your teeth can also be affected by the type of toothpaste and brush you use.

Grinding Teeth

Some people suffer from an issue where they grind their teeth in their sleep. I used to do this, and it was a nightmare for my teeth as well as other people’s ears! If someone has told you that you’re grinding your teeth, pay a visit to the dentist. They will likely fit you with a gum shield/guard that will help to try and reduce the effects. If you don’t do this, the pressure you’re putting on your teeth will cause them to deteriorate.

Opening Bottles With Teeth

Alright; who’s guilty of this?! I know I am. We’re all too quick to use our teeth to open things like bottles when we can’t find the bottle opener. We might think it makes us look strong or confident, but it’s just a stupid thing to do. Your teeth aren’t made to be pushed to those kinds of limits. Every time you open a bottle with your teeth, you’re risking serious damage to them. I’ve stopped doing this as a habit, and you should too!

Drinking Too Much Soda

We’ve all seen those viral soft drink videos where it rots a tooth after a period of time! The effects might be a little exaggerated there, but make no mistake – it’s bad for you. There is so much sugar in soda drinks that your teeth are bound to struggle with the demands. That doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to drink soda at all, but do so in moderation! The same goes for other high-sugar content foods like candy and chocolate.


Smoking is a particularly bad habit that can cause havoc for your teeth. It also leads to gum disease in some cases and can increase the risk of developing mouth cancer. At the very least, it’ll stain your teeth a horrible brown color. Alcohol isn’t as bad for your teeth, but in large amounts, it can cause decay. Any kind of harmful addiction like this is not only going to damage your teeth but your entire body as well.

If you’re concerned about anything to do with your teeth, talk to a dentist! They’ll have all the answers you need.