The Male Guide to Looking Younger


Some men think that putting effort into looking younger isn’t something they should do. Lots of men have started putting more effort into their appearance, but still some men turn their nose up at this – they think it’s a female thing. I’m here to tell you that looking after your appearance is something all men should do. This guide will tell you how to do it without feeling too girly:


Avoid Smoking/Drinking

Bad habits, especially smoking and drinking can seriously affect your appearance. It isn’t just about the outward effects though; these habits are bad for you on the inside too. The healthier you are on the inside, the healthier you’ll look on the outside. Allow yourself a drink, but don’t binge or drink too often. Make sure you treat it as an occasional treat. Smoking, even in small amounts should not be considered acceptable. It’s bad for you and everybody around you!

Drink Lots of Water

If you don’t drink much water currently, you could benefit from drinking a bit bottle every day. About 2 litres is enough. This will help you to flush toxins out of your system, aid weight loss, and just brighten up your eyes/skin in general.

Take Care of Your Teeth

Yellow teeth will make a person look older whether they’re 22 or 52. Take care of your teeth properly by using the following tips:

  • Brush, floss, and use mouthwash twice a day.
  • Don’t miss a dentists appointment.
  • Use whitening strips to brighten your teeth if you need to.
  • Avoid eating and drinking things that can discolor your teeth.

Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturise

There’s no shame in cleansing, toning, and moisturising. Men who work in an environment that can get dirty need to pay close attention to this advice. If you don’t cleanse your skin of the dirt and build up of the day, then it’ll clog your pores and you’ll get spots. By using a moisturiser and cleanser for mature skin, you can minimize the appearance of wrinkles you currently have.

Consider Surgery

If you have a problem that you feel is really noticeable, such as droopy eyelids or even excess skin from weight loss, you could consider surgery. Male plastic surgery isn’t something you should be ashamed of if you feel it will improve your quality of life. Just make sure you’ve thought about the risks involved and that you’re doing it for the right reasons!


Exercise has so many benefits. Yes, it’ll be hard to start with. You probably won’t enjoy it. But if you stick to it, eventually you’ll love the way it makes you feel! It can help to maintain weight, lose weight, build muscle, keep us healthy and young looking in general. Even if you only do it 3 times a week, you should see results.

Have a Shave

Although beards are ‘in’ at the moment, they can add years on to your face. Consider shaving so you only have a bit of designer stubble left and see how much younger you look!

Follow these tips and you’ll feel and look much younger – that’s a promise!