The Harrowing Effects Of Drug Abuse On The Body


We all know that illicit drug use causes adverse effects on our mind and body. It can stretch relationships, and kill careers. But, do you know exactly how badly drugs and alcohol affect your body? In this post, we’re looking at the specific health problems related to illicit drug abuse. It’s not an easy read, but it’s crucial that we understand the problems associated with harmful substances. At some point, we’re all affected by someone’s drug abuse, and the myriad of problems that come with it.

1 in 4 deaths are related to illicit drug use

This headline statistic shows just how vast the drug problem is in modern society. Illicit drug use causes a quarter of all deaths. Whether it’s immediate overdose or a variety of health issues that stem from it, there’s a clear problem. Taking illegal substances increases the likelihood of accident and injury. It also alters the mind, making the impossible seem possible. You can stop the problem early with drug treatment centers. But, left untreated, things will only get worse. Over time, substance abuse leads to all manner of health problems (which we’ll explore further). Ultimately, these health problems materialise in the worst way possible.

Weak immune system

Quite simply, drug use slowly grinds down and weakens your immune system. It diminishes your white blood cell count, and erodes your body’s ability to fight off illness. That means a simple cold or flu can transpire into something much worse. It also makes infections a much more worrying hazard. The likelihood of infection increases when using needles to inject drugs as well. All in all, your body will grow weaker, and lose the ability to fight off simple conditions.

Mental health problems

The scariest effect of drug abuse is the hidden dangers. The mental health problems associated with drug use is both hidden and unquantifiable. We know that illicit drug use leads to paranoia, anxiety, and depression. While the drug gives you an initial high, it also causes catastrophic lows, which wreak havoc on your mind. Statistics show that mental health problems are on the rise. In part, they are fueled by drug use, which ultimately leads to aggressive and destructive behaviour.

Birth defects

Perhaps the most harrowing health problem associated with drug abuse is the prospect of birth defects. Those you use drugs and alcohol while pregnant risk severe health problems in their unborn children. It can lead to premature births, and the myriad of problems that brings. In the worst circumstances, babies are born too small or underdeveloped.

Heart disease

Last of all, drug use (in all its permutations) bring a heavy weight on our most important muscle. The heart, and its surrounding system are all susceptible to drug abuse. Illicit substance use can clog arteries, cause chest pain, and lead to sporadic heart rates. Infection of the blood vessels isn’t uncommon, and the likelihood of heart attack increases enormously.

It’s a difficult subject to talk about, but it’s crucial that the facts are clearly understand. We hope you think twice about using harmful substances, and respect your body and health.