Signs an HVAC Unit Is About to Break Down


Getting stuck in the heat of summer without air conditioning is a painful experience to live through. Likewise, cuddling under blankets to stay warm in December will also be a sobering experience. To avoid getting caught unaware that your HVAC system is ready to break down, you’ll need to watch for some helpful signs. Look out for the following four warning signs and contact an HVAC services contractor as soon as you notice a problem.

Your HVAC System Is Not Heating or Cooling Properly

Improper heating and cooling is the most obvious sign that your HVAC system could be beginning to fail you. Your HVAC system may not be properly heating or cooling your home for many reasons. For example, your system could have a broken air compressor, low freon levels, or a damaged thermostat.

When your system isn’t heating or cooling, prompt repairs are important so that you’re not wasting energy in your home. Since air conditioners account for 6 percent of the energy consumed in the United States, you should be mindful of your own energy use.

Your HVAC System Is Making So Much Noise

Excessive noise is another common sign that your HVAC system needs repair. Your system could be noisy for many reasons, including loose components rattling, problems with the fans, and lack of lubrication.

In terms of loose components, you can correct this problem by having an HVAC system specialist inspect all the screws, nuts and other components and tighten them. You may also need your HVAC tech to address dirty or malfunctioning blower fans. For parts that seem to be rubbing against one another, you may need oil to lubricate the motor.

Your HVAC System’s Airflow Is Poor

If your system is working, but delivers little airflow, consider getting your home’s ducts cleaned. When dust clogs your system, you may not be able to feel powerful airflow. Your HVAC system’s airflow may also be suffering due to a malfunctioning furnace blower, so have an HVAC contractor inspect it.

Your HVAC System Is Cycling On and Off

Another telltale sign of HVAC problems is a system that won’t turn off or one that cycles on and off repeatedly. Frequently cycling can happen for many reasons, which can likewise lead to increased utility bills.

Dirty air conditioner coils are a common reason for your system to experience this problem. You may also need to change your home’s thermostat if it does not function properly. Contact a qualified HVAC technician for help.

The solution to many of these issues is to enroll in a preventive maintenance plan for your home’s HVAC system. Service techs can catch many problems in advance and prevent major HVAC system breakdowns when you allow them access to your home for periodically scheduled maintenance. This maintenance plan keeps your system in peak condition, so that your home remains a comfortable and energy-efficient space.

Get a handle on your HVAC system by learning to recognize the above signs of an HVAC unit breakdown.