Put Those Mushy Bananas On Your Counter To Good Use With This Healthy Banana Bread Recipe

Mushy Bananas

Here’s my one problem with bananas: Even though I love the idea of grabbing a banana as a snack, it’s nearly impossible for me to use up a whole bunch before they go bad. They just sit on my kitchen counter until they’re completely brown (aka not even the slightest bit appetizing). However, I found a delicious solution for this that doesn’t involve regretfully throwing those brown bananas in the trash: turning them into banana bread.

Of course, traditional banana breads aren’t the healthiest option because they’re usually made with lots of butter and refined sugar. That’s exactly why recipe developer Jeanine Donofrio of Love & Lemons decided to create a loaf that’s so nutritious you can snack on it whenever you please. It’s completely vegan and is loaded with wholesome ingredients. (Also, it tastes really, really good.)

“When I bake banana bread, I lose all control. Just knowing that a loaf is sitting on the kitchen counter will make me come back for just one more slice all day long,” Donofrio writes. “I sweeten this loaf with coconut sugar. I also use olive oil instead of vegetable oil or butter, and a combination of whole-wheat pastry flour and almond flour instead of regular flour. Plus, walnuts add a nutty crunch and a boost of omega-3s.”

There isn’t a long list of steps between you and your first bite, either. Just mash those over-ripe bananas and mix them together with all the other ingredients in a big bowl, then put it in the oven. What results is a treat that’s perfectly moist and filled with cozy, warming spices that will fill your home with feel-good vibes. Because honestly, I’ll take oven-baked goods over a diffuser any damn day.