Portable Music Player may cause hearing loss: A study revealed

Portable Music Player cause hearing loss
Portable Music Player cause hearing loss

A study revealed that Portable Music Player may cause hearing loss, conducted inNew York City. This study showed that about 90% of the New Yorkers are at risk due to the exposure to noise mainly because of high time on Portable Music player in their daily lives.

“We need to step up our efforts to encourage people to protect their hearing, maybe we need to put a little more money into making transit quieter and do a better job educating people that listening to music, if it’s loud enough can hurt you.” said Richard Neitzel, Study leader and an assistant professor of risk science at the University of Michigan.

Last study on the hearing loss due to noises also includes the noise frequencies from city noises on the citizens such as cars and subways but in that study the total number of hours to the exposure of noise is not confirmed.

This new study includes more than 4,500 citizens ofNew Yorkvolunteered from theQueens,Brooklyn,BronxandManhattan. The study then analyzed the data form the participants about the exposure of the noise to their daily life.

Based on the analyses of the study it is revealed that 4,000 participate are on high sight of hearing loss due to the usage of music player in most of the times. Neitzel said, “We took the approach of talking to people about how long they spend doing these things.”

Neitzel said. Also that, “nine out of 10 of New Yorkers are at risk of hearing loss when you look at their total noise exposure: MP3 players plus work plus riding transit.”

This study is appearded online in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.