Pay-Per-Use Gyms Get Results

Gyms training

Every time January 1st rolls around, many Torontonians make the same New Year’s Resolution. After a long holiday season eating stodgy and sweet foods with little-to-no exercise, they realize it’s time to get into better shape. With the promise of beautiful beach bodies in the future, they go to their local fitness centre and sign up for a membership. During the first month, this newfound commitment to health is unstoppable. But eventually, people start to “forget” to go the gym, finding themselves too busy and uninterested to fit time in at the gym. Before they know it, the couch wins out over the treadmill and the Cheetos replace the carrot sticks.

Gyms training

As someone who has lived this cycle, I know what it’s like to be locked into a contract that you don’t use. I would sit on the couch (already feeling bad about not going to the gym) and feel incredibly guilty about all of the money I was wasting. What I thought was a great deal for a New Year’s incentive membership was, when I read the fine-print, a restrictive contract that I couldn’t break without incurring a huge penalty.

Tired of feeling guilty, I searched for ways that I could escape this membership. During my extensive research, I found a Toronto gym that would actually buy out my old membership. If I presented Striation 6 with the receipt of my membership termination fee, they would credit me the amount to use at their own facility. I know what you’re thinking, I’m switching one membership for another, but that’s not the case! This gym is a pay-per-use facility, and my credits would only be used when I actually visited their facility. Since I already wanted to cancel my existing membership, this seemed like an added bonus.

Once I visited their location, one of their friendly representatives started talking to me about their services. The longer we spoke, the more I was interested in actually using the credits they offered. My credits could go towards personal training and fitness coaching. This wasn’t something that was offered at my last gym, so I thought I would speak with them. The certified fitness professional that I met with completely changed my attitude towards working out. She was pleasant, knowledgeable, and encouraging, as she wanted me to reach my fitness goals as much as I did. Her compassion and enthusiasm was infectious, and soon I found myself wanting to go to our sessions.

Since I never signed a contract with this facility, I only ever pay for the sessions that I actually attend. Looking at these costs compared to my last gym membership, I’m saving a tonne of money. But more importantly, I’m seeing results. I’ve joined several classes and I’ve started to use their equipment. With the helpful guidance of the friendly staff, I’m finally reaching my New Year’s Resolution fitness goals.