COVID toes
Skin doctors suddenly are looking at a lot of toes — whether by emailed picture or video visit — as concern grows that for some people, a sign of COVID-19 may pop up in an unusual spot. Boston dermatologist Esther Freeman expected to see...
showers flower petals
Dr. Dina Abdel-Salam watched in terror last month as scores of strangers gathered under the balcony of her aunt’s empty apartment in the Egyptian city of Ismailia, where she’d temporarily sheltered after leaving her elderly parents at home to protect them from exposure to the coronavirus.
Hydroxychloroquine pills
State and local governments across the United States have obtained about 30 million doses of a malaria drug touted by President Trump to treat patients with the coronavirus, despite warnings from doctors that more research is needed. At least 22 states and...
Remember the ‘old wives’ tale’ about not eating our bread crusts would mean we wouldn’t get curly hair?  Or, ‘step on a crack, break your back’?  Health myths have been around for centuries, but is there any truth to any of them?   Read on: Can...
White Hair
Scientists say they may have discovered why stress makes hair turn white, and a potential way of stopping it happening without reaching for the dye. In experiments on mice, stem cells that control skin and hair colour became damaged after intense stress.
China Coronavirus
Chinese authorities have reported 139 new cases of a mysterious virus in two days, marking the first time that the infection has been confirmed in the country outside of Wuhan city. The new cases were identified in the cities of Wuhan, Beijing and Shenzhen.
Sleep Apnoea
A sleep disorder that can leave people gasping for breath at night could be linked to the amount of fat on their tongues, a study suggests. When sleep apnoea patients lost weight, it was the reduction in tongue fat that lay behind the resulting...
B12 Deficiency Risk
Experts are warning that people eating a vegan diet need to make sure they get enough B12 - because the risk of deficiency is "not a myth". They were speaking ahead of 'Veganuary', when increasing numbers turn to a vegan diet each January.
Dad Breath
Bad breath might mean you have a bad respiratory infection, either in your sinus or in your throat. You’ll know if you have trouble breathing, buildups of mucus and a fever. Diabetes might be another cause. Doctors linked an acidic odor to something called ketoacidosis,...
Breast Cancers
A drug that halves a woman's risk of breast cancer continues to work long after they stop taking it, say researchers. Anastrozole blocks the production of the hormone oestrogen, which fuels the growth of many breast cancers. It is already available...