Methods for Dealing With Sagging Skin After Gastric Band Surgery

Sagging Skin After Gastric Band Surgery

Gastric band surgery can be a crucial first step towards regaining control of one’s life after continual weight gain. Obesity has many devastating effects, from greatly diminished health to a lack of confidence in one’s appearance. For many people, losing weight via more traditional methods can be extremely challenging, especially when already suffering from the health ramifications of drastic weight gain.

Sagging Skin After Gastric Band Surgery

While gastric band surgery can be extremely beneficial, side effects such as loose and sagging skin can prove rather disheartening to those eager to get their lives back on track. Fortunately, there are methods available for dealing with sagging skin which can make the recovery process much more manageable.

What Is Gastric Band Surgery?

The primary goal of gastric band surgery is to limit the amount of food a person can take in by affixing a band around the stomach. This is accomplished by a few small incisions through which the doctor places the band on the upper portion of the stomach using surgical tools and an arthroscopic camera.

Banding can be adjusted to allow the patient to take in more or less food. A small port remains under the skin where a doctor can inject or reduce saline to make a band tighter or looser. However, tightening the band must occur a few weeks after the surgery has taken place to ensure the patient has healed accordingly.

What Are Some Methods for Dealing With the After-Effects of Surgery?

While gastric band surgery can help many patients effectively shed pounds, it can also result in unsightly sagging skin, which can be quite troubling. Extreme sagging skin usually occurs when patients were obese for a particularly long time, which can damage skin’s elasticity. Age is another factor, with older patients experiencing increased skin sagging.

In some cases, shapewear for gastric band surgery can help tighten sagging skin, especially when paired with a sensible diet and exercise program. Classic Shapewear has an entire section on post surgical shapewear. Such shapewear can include:

  • Waist Cinchers
  • Full-Body Compression Garments
  • Compression Girdles
  • Shaping Arm Sleeves
  • Back Shapers

Body slimmers can serve as a vast improvement to those who are insecure about the look of their bodies after losing so much weight, which can be a tumultuous experience in and of itself. However, in more extreme cases cosmetic surgery may be necessary to deal with large amounts of sagging skin.

A New Lease on Life

Losing weight can be exceedingly difficult for many people, particularly when genetic issues or illness come into play. Gastric band surgeries are vital in this respect because they afford those patients challenged by weight loss a means for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only does this offer vast physical improvement, it can also greatly enhance one’s quality of life.