Look After Your Family By Looking After Your Funeral

Looking After Your Funeral

No one likes to think about it, much less plan for it, but your funeral is an important event that you shouldn’t ignore. If you’re like millions of other Canadians, you might not be quite as prepared as you think. Without plans in place, your surviving relatives can end up scrambling to produce the funds in order to organize the memorial service and interment that they think you would have wanted. You can cast their doubt aside and support them financially by creating a final needs plan.

Looking After Your Funeral

Funeral costs can vary widely depending on the requests of clients, but the latest statistics released by the Ontario Board of Funeral Services show that the average cost of a basic funeral in 2013 costs $5,000. While there are some well-off people who wouldn’t be bothered by such fees, others might find that price tag unmanageable. It should be noted, of course, that these statistics are for two years ago. The funeral industry is a business with goals to make profit, which means their rates are never static. When you pass away decades from now, the prices of 2013 will be a laughably small amount.

Because of the escalating costs of final arrangements (and the many unplanned end of life expenses that come with them), many individuals are considering a final needs plan. It’s a form of insurance that is very similar to traditional life insurance policies, except that the sums paid out are used specifically to cover costs related to the death of the policy holder. A final needs plan can never be tapped in order to pay for bills, medical expenses, or retirement home fees; it is guaranteed untouchable until the event of your death.

By putting away a small payment each month, you can cover the future costs of memorial services, burial or cremation services, and the rental and maintenance of cemetery plots. A final needs plan also allows you to meet with a representative, in order to plan your memorial service to your liking, so that when the time comes your loved ones won’t have to spend any time working with funeral homes or houses of worship. They can just grieve properly.

A final needs plan also ensures that there is an experienced representative to cover the bureaucratic side of death. There is a great deal of paperwork in the aftermath of a death, and the survivors often find it both confusing and emotionally stressful to complete. A professional can fill out all the necessary forms and paperwork to ensure that the government and institutions are notified of the death and that benefits are paid out to the proper people.

Contrary to popular belief, a final needs plan isn’t difficult to obtain, nor is it expensive. When you contact The Elephas Group, you can easily secure a final needs plan without a medical examination for as little as $5 a month. Best of all, your payments never have to increase and your contributions are untouchable. Securing on of their final needs plan can give you peace of mind that when you leave this Earth, you’re not burdening your survivors with the expenses and stress of organizing your funeral. As your final gift to your family, you’ll look after your loved ones even in death.