Kick the Habit: How to Stop Smoking For the Long Term


Quitting smoking can be difficult. No one said that this was going to be easy. Even the mere thought of quitting smoking can be difficult for people to comprehend. It’s enough to make you reach out for the cigarettes. But, if you want to live longer and be healthier, you need to kick the cigarettes butt. Let’s cut to the chase, we all know how dangerous it is to smoke. That doesn’t make it any easier to quit. If you are ready to quit smoking and lead a healthier life, there are some great tips that you can use. This will ensure that you stop smoking. What is more, you will ensure that you remain a non-smoker.


Here are some fantastic tips on how to stop smoking for the long term:

•    Pick a Quit Date

Picking a quit date is the best way of quitting. You can set this as a personal objective. You need to make sure that you pick a time that suits your lifestyle. If you are going for a job interview on the day that you choose to quit, postpone your quit date by one day. After all, this needs to be a successful venture in order for it to work. You cannot quit when you have a myriad of other things going on. But, don’t postpone your quit date just for the sake of it. Prepare to stop and mean it. Don’t be an ‘all talk no action’ kind of quitter.

•    Tell Your Friends and Family

Your friends and family are likely to support your decision to quit. Tell them and make sure that you are the right road to permanent success. They will probably make you feel guilty for smoking. Make sure that you have the support of your family and peers. This support will allow you to become a successful quitter.

•    Nicotine Replacement is Important

Going cold turkey is not pleasant. You may experience stomach cramps and be irritable. You will be left feeling uncomfortable. Discomfort will cause you to cave. Ensure that you have nicotine replacement goods on your person at all times. Alternatively, you can try e-cigarettes and e-liquid. These have proved to be incredibly popular methods of helping people ditch the cigarettes. Take a look at Simply E-Liquid for more information.

•    Change Your Lifestyle

Habit breaking is one of the most critical aspects of ditching this habit. On your breaks from work, eat an apple. Go for a walk. Take your mind off the need to smoke. You need to change your lifestyle and break these habits. Habit breaking will ensure the permanence of your quitting.

•    Set Personal Goals

Personal goals are always worthwhile to set. After all, there is a great sense of accomplishment when you attain them. Put your cigarette money into the bank. When you reach a certain amount of cash within your account, book a holiday or weekend away with the savings. Your mounting savings will be a positive reinforcement for quitting. Look at the mounting costs and see how much you are saving. Your wealth and your health will benefit.