Health and Hygiene Issues That Could Hold Your Children Back


Most parents take comfort in knowing their child will have a fair chance in the life. However, there are certain things that could hold them back. That will be a real shame if they have talents in a certain subject. They are never going to beat other candidates during the interview process if they have any of the problems listed below. Likewise, they could experience bullying and other forms of intimidation. As your children are still young, you are in charge of their routine. So, you just need to set them off on the right path.


Rotten Teeth

No employer is going to choose a candidate with rotten teeth over someone without the problem. So long as their qualifications and experience are the same, they will lose every time. Plus, rotten teeth will never create a good impression with anyone. So, you need to make sure they sort the problem. Take the time to read more about some of the dentistry products that could help. Sometimes standard toothpaste is not going to be enough if their teeth are already stained. Make sure they get used to brushing every morning and evening for the best results.

Body Odor

So long as you have a bath or a shower in your home, nobody should smell bad. If your children have body odor, you must encourage them to wash more often. Also, cans of deodorant are very cheap. There is no excuse for not spraying under their armpits before they get dressed. As you will know, there is nothing worse than standing next to someone with bad body odor. People who smell will also struggle to score the best jobs. It’s a basic expectation from employers that everyone will care for their personal hygiene.

Cold Sores

There is no way to stop your children from getting cold sores. Around 70% of adults have the herpes simplex virus, and so it’s not usually a major concern. However, most people think cold sores look nasty. They also know they can become contagious. Whenever you notice your child has a cold sore, you should take them to the doctor. Over the counter creams don’t work very well. Indeed, sometimes they can take weeks to clear the infection. Your doctor will have access to better medicines that could rectify the problem in a couple of days.


Eczema is not something you can cure overnight. However, there are many creams and medications that will make the situation better. Employers don’t want to see people with dead skin all over their shoulders. It is not a good look, and it’s easily prevented. Make sure you child uses the right creams from a young age. That should reduce the severity of their issue and make it less noticeable.

Presuming you manage to solve all those problems, your children should have a fair chance in life. It seems silly to leave anything that could hinder their progress, and so you need to get started today. You would feel bad if your child comes home in tears after failing a job interview because of their rotten teeth. Likewise, all the other issues mentioned could cause the same effect. Do your child a favour and help them get on track as soon as possible.