Employee Health Benefits to Look for to Help You Stay Healthy


We all spend a lot of time working. Whether you work in an office or a factory, most of your day is spent earning enough money to live. Having such busy lives, it can be a little harder to stay healthy. Many employees want to know that their employers are helping them care for their health. They can do this by providing benefits such as medical or dental insurance, or by offering health perks. Some employers implement wellness programs to promote healthy lifestyles. And some even offer exercise classes on the premises. Make sure your company is helping you stay healthy by looking for these perks and benefits.


Health Insurance

The first benefit that you can look for when you get a new job is health insurance. Some employers don’t provide it. And others will offer varying levels of medical, dental and eye health insurance. You don’t need to have your employer give you health insurance. But it can help, so you already know your salary after paying for your insurance. You might find more companies offer medical insurance than group dental plans or insurance for eye health.

Disability Insurance

A disability could affect anyone at any time. You never know if a disability could impact upon your ability to work at some point in your life. Looking for an employer who provides disability insurance will give you peace of mind in this regard. If anything happens, knowing that you’ll have the money to keep you going will be a tremendous relief. Adapting to a disability could involve lifestyle changes that cost you even further, and the safety of disability insurance will make things easier. You might think that it will never happen to you, but anyone could become ill or injured.

Wellness Programs

Many employers have started offering wellness programs to support their employees’ healthy lifestyles. The schemes include services such as counseling for personal problems and advice on losing weight. These programs show that employers are invested in their staff’s health. If you want to have access to supportive services that help you stay healthy both in and out of work, look for a job that includes a workplace wellness program. They might also provide bonuses such as sub subsidized healthy food.

Workout Classes and Activities

Some workplaces also offer even more perks to employees in the form of exercise classes or out of work activities. For example, some offices provide classes in yoga or other disciplines that staff can attend at lunch time, after work or even at various times during the work day. You might also be able to join in with things such as bicycle commuting schemes or after-work running clubs. All of these things could help to keep you healthy, even if you spend the majority of your time sitting at a desk.

Since we spend so much time at work, it only seems sensible that our employers help us to stay healthy. Next time you’re job hunting, keep an eye out for these health-promoting benefits.