Easing Your Back Pain: The Most Effective Methods


Back pain isn’t fun. In fact, it’s probably one of the most uncomfortable pains a person can experience. It hurts standing up, sitting, lying down, you name it. Easing back pain can be difficult, but it’s possible. Here are the most effective methods for you to try:


A Hot Bath

A hot bath can help to ease tension in the muscles and can do your back a world of good. There are a number of things you can put in the bath to make it more effective too, like salts and oils. Do a little research to see which ingredients will work best for your specific problem.

A Hot Water Bottle

Like a hot bath, a hot water bottle can ease your muscle tension and make moving around more bearable. However, if you suffer from swelling, hot treatments could make you worse. Make sure you monitor the results and don’t make it too hot so you burn!

A Cold Compress

A cold compress could work better than heat treatments for some people. You can use ice, but make sure it’s wrapped in a towel to avoid ice burn. You can even try alternating hot and cold treatments to see if that works better for you.

Decompression Therapy

This kind of therapy is the act of stretching out the spine using a special traction table. It can treat lots of different causes of back pain, but it isn’t suitable for everybody. Make sure you speak to a professional about decompression therapy before deciding to go ahead with it!


Acupuncture is a really good alternative therapy for back pain. It works in a very interesting way; the needles help to encourage signals sent to the brain, which can clear the pain receptors and make back pain disappear. It can also change the way the brain receives signals. You’ll want to speak to a professional if you’re interested in this therapy, but it doesn’t hurt!

Exercise and Stretch

Exercising and stretching is a good way to relieve back pain, and stop it from ever occurring in the first place. By exercising the back, you’ll strengthen it and leave it better equipped to handle weight and impact. By stretching it out, you’ll stay flexible. There are certain stretches and exercises you can do to help your back pain while you have it – check them out here.

Natural Pain Killers

Natural pain killers are a much better method of pain relief than other forms. Regular pain killers can be good for chronic back pain, but they aren’t recommended for people who have occasional pain. Natural pain killers are better for the body and will help your back pain to heal naturally.

Try these methods when you have back pain and see how you get on. To help prevent this pain in the long run, make sure you focus on keeping your posture as straight as possible. Also, be very careful when lifting heavy objects. Form when exercising is important too!


See you next time!