Eye drops

Eye Drops Sold At Walmart, Walgreens Recalled Because They May Not Be Sterile

Select over-the-counter eye drops and ointments sold at Walgreens and Walmart stores as well as some prescription ointments sold at other retailers...
Deadly Ebola outbreak

Deadly Ebola Outbreak ‘Not Global Threat’

The World Health Organization has decided not to declare a global emergency over the Ebola crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Large Ebola outbreaks

Large Ebola Outbreaks New Normal, Says WHO

The world is entering "a new phase" where big outbreaks of deadly diseases like Ebola are a "new normal", the World Health...

Utah Proposes Medical Marijuana Grower Fees Upward Of $100k

Becoming one of Utah's 10 approved medical marijuana growers in the state's new program won't be cheap. The Salt...
Nitrous oxide

Don’t Be Complacent Over Laughing Gas Risks, Say Nurses

The public is too complacent about the risks of laughing gas, nurses are warning. The gas - nitrous oxide...
Cancer Cell

Cancer: Breakthrough Treatments To Target Drug Resistance

The world's first drugs designed to stop cancer cells becoming resistant to treatment could be available within the next decade,...
Gene-Modified Viruses

Gene-Modified Viruses Rescue Patient From Drug-Resistant ‘Superbug’

Doctors normally resort to bacteriophages (bacteria-killing viruses) to kill antibiotic-resistant "superbugs" only when they've run out of options, in part because it's...
US pregnancy deaths up

Us Pregnancy Deaths Up, And Report Says Most Are Preventable

A new government report finds that more U.S. women are dying from pregnancy-related causes, and that more than half of those deaths...
Blood pressure medication

Blood Pressure Medication Recall Expanded Over Possible Cancer-Causing Ingredient

The company behind blood pressure medication tablets has expanded a recall for two products after trace amounts of a possible cancer-causing ingredient...
High blood pressure

High Blood Pressure Drugs To Be Offered To Thousands More

New guidelines on diagnosing high blood pressure could mean thousands more people benefiting from treatment in England and Wales.