Friday, June 9, 2023
Diabetes Drugs Pricing

Diabetes Drug pricing Now challenges Novo Nordisk

The world's biggest insulin producer, whose previously unstoppable growth has started to flag, according to the Danish firm's chief executive. Lars Sorensen is certain...
Americans Are Using More Prescription

Americans Are Using More Prescription Drugs Than Ever Before

Americans are taking more prescription drugs than ever before, according to a new study that finds almost three in five take at least one...
First US case of Zika virus

First US Case Of Zika Virus Reported in Hawaii

A baby born with brain damage at a hospital in Oahu, Hawaii, has been confirmed to have been infected by the Zika virus, that...
Flu Vaccine

Flu Vaccine May Help Keep Diabetics Out Of The Hospital

People with diabetes who get the flu vaccine may be less likely to wind up hospitalized for cardiovascular or respiratory problems, a recent study...
Effort To Curb Overuse Of Antibiotics

Effort To Curb Overuse Of Antibiotics Amid Cold, Flu Seasons

It's cold season, and the miserable continue to trudge in, seeking antibiotics because of mucus turned green, or a cough that has nagged for...
Tackles Malaria

Nobel-Winning Drug ‘Tackles Malaria’

A parasitic-worm-killing drug, whose discovery won the Nobel prize, may also cut cases of malaria, say researchers.Early data coming out of trials of ivermectin...
Air Pollution Tied

Air Pollution Tied To Shorter Survival With Lung Cancer

Exposure to air pollution has long been associated with an increased risk of lung cancer, and a new study suggests it might also be...
High-Quality Supplements

5 Reasons to Use High-Quality Supplements While on a Training Regimen

If you’re engaging in a strenuous training regimen, supplements will likely play a major role in your daily routine. It’s important to feed your...

GSK Fined £38m For ‘Stifling’ Drug Competition

Drug giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has been fined £37.6m for "illegal behaviour designed to stifle competition at the expense of the NHS and taxpayers". The decision...
Ebola survivor had eye problems

Another American Ebola Survivor Had Eye Problems

Ebola survivor Dr. Ian Crozier wasn't the only American to experience eye problems following the disease — a new report describes eye problems in...