Sunday, April 2, 2023
Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks: What You Should Know

What is a panic attack? A panic attack is an intense period of physical and mental fear. An attack may occur in reaction to an...

Astounding Things You Never Knew Could Damage Your Teeth

Everyone knows that sugar is bad for your teeth, but that's not the only thing that damage them. There are other foods and behaviors...
Toothbrush with Toothpaste

6 Killer Signs That You Have Gum Disease

One in four people in the world now suffer from gum disease. For a long time, people have ignored their poor dental hygiene. Many...
Cold & Flu Remedies

How to Quickly Recover From the Flu or Common Cold

Lasting anywhere from one to three weeks, colds are an unfortunate part of our lives, especially during the winter. They can completely drain your...
pain in my head

Hemorrhoids: Everything You Need to Know

Hemorrhoids, otherwise known as piles, are a common ailment reported in those over 30. However, just about anybody can get them. They are categorised...

Watch Out For These Age-related Eye Diseases

As you age, your health can start to deteriorate in many different ways. Among the health problems that you could develop are a number...
Damage Your Teeth

Ways You Can Damage Your Teeth Without Realising It

We use our teeth for a plethora of things every day. Brushing, eating, grinding, opening things, often our teeth get a lot of unnecessary...
6 Surefire Signs You Have Tinnitus

6 Surefire Signs You Have Tinnitus

Tinnitus is an awful problem from which many people suffer. Sometimes the problem can cause you to lose your hearing for good. If you...
Varicose Vein Treatment

Glenoaks Laser Center is Now Offering Treatments for Varicose Veins

Glenoaks Laser Center is now offering varicose vein treatment in Glendale. Sclerotherapy is a procedure in which an FDA-approved agent is injected directly into...
Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Cancer

Why People Use Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Dealing with Cancer

A sad fact of life is, is that cancer is on the rise. Our lifestyles, what we eat, our vices all impede our health....