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Brian Jungen writes about health and wellness for publications like WebMD, AARP, Shape, Woman’s Day, Arthritis Today and Costco Connection among others. He graduated from Capella University in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Turning cancer back into healthy tissue

Turning Cancer Back Into Healthy Tissue

Scientists believe they may have found a way to turn cancerous cells back into healthy tissue.Their lab-based work suggests there is a biological step...
NHS To Axe Cancer Drugs

Steroid Injections For Lower Back Pain Have Limited Benefits, Study Says

Epidural corticosteroid injections are a common treatment for lower back pain, but a review of 38 placebo-controlled studies supports previous evidence that suggests the...
Earliest Breast Cancer Risky

Earliest Breast Cancer Risky For Some Women, Study Suggests

New research shows that chances of dying from very early breast cancer are small but the disease is riskier for young women and blacks,...
Cases of fatal brain disease

Cases Of Fatal Brain Disease Showing Up Decades After Infection

A few hundred people around the world caught a rare and fatal brain disease from contaminated growth hormone treatments they received during the 1950s...
Gel 'eases inflammatory bowel problems

Gel ‘Eases Inflammatory Bowel Problems’

A gel that "sticks" to affected tissue and delivers medicine gradually over time could help treat some inflammatory bowel problems, researchers say. Patients with ulcerative...
Sierra Leone Ebola village

Sierra Leone Ebola Village Quarantine Lifted

A village in Sierra Leone has become one of the last areas in the country to be released from an Ebola quarantine. President Ernest Bai...

Best Weight Loss Foods For Eye Health

Some foods get all the credit: bananas for their potassium, kale as the leanest green and carrots for their eye-boosting abilities. But beyond the ever-extolled...
First self-injectable HIV

First Self-Injectable HIV Antibody May Prevent Virus Transmission

The first self-injectable HIV antibody, PRO 140, has a 98 percent success rate in reducing the virus in HIV patients’ blood, according to results...
Pediatric brain injury may lead

Pediatric Brain Injury May Lead To Attention Problems

Kids with traumatic brain injury (TBI) have more lapses in attention and longer reaction times than children who suffer trauma to other parts of...
The 7 Best Food Combos

The 7 Best Food Combos For Weight Loss

Would you pay top dollar for a comedy performance by…Peele? Or expect a great film from a singular Coen brother? Or rock to the...