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Asif Ali is a freelance journalist specializing in health and fitness based in New York, USA. He graduated from the University of Mississippi in Jackson, Mississippi. His work has appeared in SELF, My Fitness Pal, Women’s Health and CNN.
surgery for New Look

Are You Ready for a New Look and Life?

If you’re someone tired of your current look, will you make the time and effort to change things up moving forward?
your work life balance

Can you improve your work life balance?

Are you a part of the third of UK workers that feel as though they have a poor work-life balance? Not only does it...
Production of Life-Saving Medicines

Automated Weighing and Dispensing: Why It Matters in the Production of Life-Saving Medicines

In the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the field that focuses in the manufacture and sale of life-saving medicines, accurate weighing and dispensing of drug...
Environmentally Friendly Plastic

Can Plastic Be Environmentally Friendly?

As landfills grow and global warming continues, it’s easy to point the finger when it comes to what is damaging the environment. Alongside gas-guzzling...
low carbohydrate diet

Managing type 1 diabetes – can a low carbohydrate diet help?

Unlike type 1 diabetes, there do not appear to be any related causes of type 1 diabetes; it simply happens to some people. Type...
give up smoking

Maintain your social life as you give up smoking

What kind of smoker are you? If you’re a social smoker, giving up might present another big challenge — how do you still visit...
Five fitness superfoods

Five fitness superfoods: are they really worth it?

Food is always a topic of conversation — especially when the British public feel as though they aren’t taught what they should be eating....
movement exercises

Managing pain with movement exercises

Have you considered how certain exercises could help you get rid of your aches and pains? Apparently, there are several exercises you can do...
protect against air pollution

How to grow a garden that will protect against air pollution

With around 40,000 deaths every year in the UK linked to poor air quality, the issue is certainly worth worrying about. Especially when earlier...
healthy lifestyle

3 Mid-Year Health Resolutions for a Better Rest of the Year

July marks the midway point of the year. How are you doing with your health resolutions six months in? Did you lose the weight you...