A Guide To Keeping Your Mind Healthy

mental health

Just like your body, your mind requires lots of care to keep it healthy and working properly. Each year one in four people will suffer from some form of mental health problem or issue. To help keep your mind healthy, it is important to look after it properly.

mental health

For our guide to keeping your mind healthy, have a read of this.

Eat healthy foods

Everyone knows how what we eat will impact on our body and physical appearance. But, did you know it can also affect your mental health too? Many people say that a healthy body means that you have a healthy mind, so it is important to think about your diet and how you can improve your general and mental health through it.

Although it can be easy to forget to eat healthily, instead opting for unhealthy foods, remember that there are lots of delicious, healthy options to choose from.


Exercising on a regular basis has various benefits; both mental and physical. When you get your heart rate up, your body will release endorphins – aka, feel good chemicals that can help to improve your mood.

If you don’t want to join a gym and spend too much money, there are plenty of ways you can exercise for free instead. Instead of driving to work, cycle or walk. Instead of sitting in front of the television for an hour after work, go for a gentle jog – this will reduce your stress and improve your mood. To help you relax and de-stress, take part in regular yoga sessions.

Be careful of what you drink

Alcohol can cause many mental health problems. While alcohol is a mood changing substance, as soon as it wears off, the feelings of energy and excitement will fade, and you will feel worse than before you had a drink. If you are feeling down, it is a good idea to avoid alcohol as it may make you feel worse.

Whilst having a drink or two with friends is fine, drinking alcohol to cover up negative feelings or to escape feelings of anxiety or depression is dangerous. Drinking to cover up your problems can cause long-term mental and physical health issues.

Learn about mental health

To have a truly healthy mind, you need to understand mental health and what can affect it. Take some time out to read and research your mind and mental health, find out as much as you can about keeping mentally healthy.

For some interesting psychology articles, you can have a look online or visit your local library. You may be surprised at just how complicated mental health is, and what is needed to look after your mind properly. That’s why it is essential that you understand how the mind works and what is needed to take care of it.

Socialise regularly

Put aside time each week to go out and socialise with friends. Spending a lot of time on your own is not good for your mental health, as it can cause feelings of anxiety and depression to develop. Communicating with others is crucial for a happy and fulfilling life.

Make sure to spend at least three nights a week out and about. Go for drinks with friends, meet your partner for dinner, head to the cinema to watch a movie. On the weekends don’t spend the whole time at home, go out and do things. Go for a bike ride, attend a yoga class or meet with friends for coffee.

Connecting with other people is essential for good mental health. Not spending time with other people can have detrimental effects on the health of your mind. Some mental health problems can be prevented by socializing and building strong relationships.