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Your Guide To Helping Someone Cope With Severe Mobility Issues At Home

When people get older they tend to develop all sorts of problems with their bones and joints. This leads to them having mobility issues. What this means is that they struggle to move around and walk places without feeling pain.

It’s possible you may live with an elderly person, and they’re in a situation similar to this. If so, it’s important you know how to help them cope with all the pain.


Get Them A Wheelchair

The main problem that comes with mobility issues is that you struggle to walk. Moving around can become a daily challenge. If someone in your family struggles like this, it makes sense to get them a wheelchair. This will allow them to move around on their own without needing your help all the time. Make sure that you get them a wheelchair that’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It’s especially important that your loved one can still go outside now and then. Everyone needs to have fresh air, and a wheelchair lets them go out and get this. Wheelchairs are a better option that walking sticks or zimmer frames because they let the person sit down. This means they aren’t feeling any pain or stress standing up all day.

Purchase A Hoist

For lots of people that have trouble moving around, getting out of bed is the hardest part of the day. So, you have to find ways to make the experience easier for them. You could always try and help them out of bed with another family member or nurse, but this is painful for them. My advice would be to get something like a patient lifting hoist that you may have seen in a hospital. With a lifting hoist, it makes it a lot easier to get them out of bed. You don’t have to do any lifting, it’s all electronic. Plus, they’re designed to cause as little pain as possible, which is good for the afflicted person.

Vitamin Supplements

One of the top reasons people develop mobility problems is because of arthritis. This is a painful disease that can seriously affect the joints. Sometimes, people get arthritis because they’re deficient in certain vitamins. So, by supplying these vitamins, you might be able to help soothe some of the pain. You can help treat arthritis, and it may not become as painful as before. The vitamins you should look for are calcium, vitamin D and iron. Just to be clear, giving someone these vitamins won’t cure them. But, it can help with the pain and attempt to calm the arthritis down.

Comfortable Furniture

When someone has issues with their movement, little things can cause them great pain. Even sitting in a chair or lying on a bed can be painful. Particularly if the bed/chair are poor quality items of furniture. You must ensure that you purchase comfortable furniture to help the person in pain. A memory foam mattress is a must for someone in this situation. It’s the most comfortable mattress there is, and can provide them a painless night’s sleep. Where chairs are concerned, you need something that’s comfortable for them to sit in. It has to be soft, but not too soft. There are usually chairs designed for people with the problems I’ve talked about, so have a look online.