Your Dream Smile Is Just Around the Corner
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Your Dream Smile Is Just Around the Corner

For many people who have suffered through the loss of one or more of their teeth or have many dental issues, a winning smile can be a pipe dream they fear they’ll never realize. Many believe that there is little anyone can do for them, and that can be a real blow to their self-esteem. If you can relate to these feelings, it’s important to know that your dream smile is just around the corner. If you live in southwestern Ontario, there is a London, Ontario dentist who can improve your look. Here are three cosmetic procedures that top of the line London dentists can do for you.

Your Dream Smile Is Just Around the Corner#1 Dental Implants

It can be an intimidating experience to go to the dentist for the first time with a missing tooth to replace. However,dental implants in London, Ontario are not uncommon – just ask the OHL’s London Knights. Dental implants are a great option for many people. A dental implant provides a permanent solution to tooth loss by surgically replacing it with a metal cylinder. There is a tiny screw embedded into the jaw to which the artificial tooth is anchored. These are permanent solutions to tooth loss and allow you to flash your pearly whites with confidence again.

#2 Invisible braces

Until recently, if a person didn’t get braces when they were young, it was believed that it was too late to correct issues involving crooked teeth. That is definitely not the case today. When you visitSmile Dental Centre, they can give you a consultation for straightening your teeth using modern alignment technology for adolescents and adults. Invisalign is one of the more popular techniques that patients use today. These are a series of clear trays designed to straighten your teeth without the annoying and visible limits of traditional wire braces. This allows all people to be able to pursue their dream look without any social stigma or judgment. If Invisalign sounds like it’s the solution for you, stop by the Smile Dental Centre for a free assessment.

#3 Cosmetic Dental Veneers

This is a quick and simple process that allows your dentist to alter the shape, size, and even colour of your teeth in a short amount of time. While traditional veneers required adjustments to tooth structure through shaving, new Lumineers have made them easy to install. With modern technology, dental veneers from London’s Smile Dental Centre are lightweight and strong caps for your teeth that make you look younger and healthier. A quick consultation with a London dentist will provide you with all of your options.

No matter which optionsyou choose to pursue, visiting your London, Ontario dentist will open up your eyes to oral health and well-being. All of the options mentioned above involve processes that are becoming more and more affordable and easier to perform as technology develops. There has never been a better time improve your look.