Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Cancer
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Why People Use Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Dealing with Cancer

A sad fact of life is, is that cancer is on the rise. Our lifestyles, what we eat, our vices all impede our health. Sadly, the negative aspects of our lifestyles can have drastic implications on our health and well being. More and more people, the world over, are being diagnosed with cancer and millions of people will receive a negative diagnosis in their lifetime. What is more, inexplicable and large amounts of money is spent on researching and attempting to find cures for this disease.

Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Cancer

At this moment in time there is no cure for cancer and conventional medicines are constantly being developed in order to help those that are at behest of this terrible disease. Due to the nature of cancer and its ability to change dramatically, it means that there may never be a cure for this disease. However, all is not lost. While many people praise the virtues of conventional medicines and treatments in order to help them combat the disease, the rise of complementary and alternative medicines is something that should be considered. More people turn to complementary and alternative medicines when they feel that conventional medicines are no longer helping.

Who Uses Complementary and Alternative Therapies?

While no one is claiming that complementary and alternative therapies can cure cancer, many cancer sufferers are turning to them as a way to relieve the common symptoms of cancer. Some therapies can help with certain symptoms such as pain, nausea, sleeping difficulties and stress. For many sufferers, they felt that their quality of life was increased by adopting these alternative therapies and utilising them alongside traditional or conventional medications. Many people have claimed that they have felt immediate benefits from using these alternative treatments.

Feelings and Using Complementary and Alternative Therapies:

Many people use complementary therapies as a coping mechanism. Having cancer can cause feelings of helplessness in the person that is suffering from it. Similarly, they have feelings of loss of control. Using alternative therapies is often said to increase feelings of control as well alleviating stress.  Many people use them to feel calm and to help control their emotions, as well as relieving anxiety that is caused through the illness. Positive emotions are a powerful player in improving one’s health. If you want more information on this matter, experts such as Dr. Keith Nemec will be able to give valuable advice.

Reducing Symptoms and Side Effects:

The symptoms and side effects that are associated with cancer are awful and can make a person feel run down, tired and unwell on top of their existing illness. Complementary and alternative therapies are said to reduce the symptoms and side effects associated with cancer, such as:

  • Nausea
  • Sleeplessness
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • General pain
  • Sickness and vomiting

For those that are undergoing conventional treatments, alternative therapies help alleviate the common problems associated with this, in a much more controlled way. A lot of people turn to these alternative treatments as they feel that they are non-toxic and are a natural solution, whereas conventional medicine relies heavily on toxins to help control the disease.

There is no need to suffer in silence, conduct thorough research and help control your illness.